There is a specific order to complete tasks when remodeling your kitchen. For full kitchen remodels, the initial step is to completely gut the kitchen and remove all existing oak kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other items you are replacing. If you are installing new flooring and painting your walls, paint first, so if you accidently splatter paint, it will not ruin your new flooring. Once the paint has fully dried, install the new flooring before installing your new RTA kitchen cabinets.

Make sure to clean the new flooring prior to placing base oak kitchen cabinets in their designated areas. Once the cabinets are secured in place, you will not have another opportunity to do this until the next time you remodel your kitchen. As you assemble your RTA kitchen cabinets and set them in place, do not mount them to the walls until after the entire base section is completed. If you mount the cabinets right away, you have to remove the mounting screws and adjust the placement of the cabinets. By waiting, you can verify the base cabinets are in the right locations, level, secured to each other if needed, and properly lined up next to one another.

After your base RTA cabinets are installed and secured to the walls, you are ready to install your countertops. Next, assemble and install the wall cabinets. Wall cabinets are designed to be mounted directly to the wall, one section at a time. Just make sure each one is level before tightening the mounting screws. Lastly, finalize the kitchen remodel by installing the kitchen sink and your appliances.

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