You can find just about anything you need for a remodeling project online, even ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets. The key to getting the best bargains and deals over the Internet is no different than if you were going from one retailer to the next. You need to take the time to comparison shop for kitchen cabinets online. However, one practice that should be avoided is allowing your final decision to be based entirely on price.

For instance, if you were purchasing solid wood kitchen cabinets and taking a traditional approach of visiting home improvement and design centers, you would obtain quotes from each retail store. In addition, while you were at the store, you might ask for a free door sample, compare the quality of various cabinet styles, and confirm the store had all of the sizes you required to remodel your kitchen. The same methods need to be used any time you are shopping for kitchen cabinets online:

  1. Ask the Online Retailer for Free Door Samples: The free door samples not only allow you to compare how the new cabinet style will look in your kitchen, but give you an idea of the quality of the solid wood cabinets, since you are not able to view the cabinets in person.
  2. Confirm Available Inventories: Verify that the online retailer has a sufficient inventory of the cabinets you are considering. Be wary of retail stores who attempt to steer you toward discontinued product lines, seconds, or lower quality pressboard cabinets. While the cheaper prices might be tempting, remember: solid wood cabinets are the best quality and last the longest. Discontinued product lines, as long as they are made of solid wood and the retailer has a sufficient inventory to fulfill your needs, are worth considering if they are in the color and style you desire in your kitchen.
  3. Obtain a Quote: Always ask online retailers for a quote. Verify the terms of the quote, like for how long the quoted price is valid and if there is any sales pricing when the sale ends. The retailer should supply the quote for free. If the retailer either refuses to provide a written quote, or wants to charge you for one, take your business elsewhere.
  4. Ask about Price Matching and Free Upgrades: Some online cabinet retailers offer a price match guarantee and may even reduce their final price, as well as throw in free upgrades, like soft close drawer tracks and hinges, because they want your business. Utilize these options to your advantage to help reduce your costs whenever possible.
  5. Do Not Let Prices Be the Main Deciding Factor: If you are not happy with the cabinet style, color, or available sizes, you are not going to like your newly remodeled kitchen. In the end, you should choose solid wood RTA cabinets based on your own personal preferences and availability from the online retailer. If you are able to get both the high quality solid wood kitchen cabinets online you want, and the lowest prices, then by all means take advantage of this opportunity.

We invite you to explore our solid wood RTA kitchen cabinets online, order free door samples, and take advantage of our complimentary kitchen design services. Contact us now at 855-929-8975 for further assistance from one of our kitchen cabinet experts.


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