Talk to most people and house décor professionals about your new kitchen, and you’ll be first asked if you’re going for an American kitchen or a European one.

Unlike the larger, more storage oriented American kitchens, European style kitchens are geared towards efficiency. Subtle differences are seen in the style of cabinets as well, with European kitchen cabinets being frameless thus flush to the door.

But the conversation doesn’t end there. As far as European kitchen designs go, there is a flurry of options you can choose from. These include English Country, Tuscan, Belgian, and in the context of this piece, French Country.

So, what is the French Country European kitchen design? This is a European kitchen design that feels both elegant and homey. It is characterized by cabinetry that looks more like traditional furniture, fancy oven hoods, and rustic accents.

The fancy oven hoods have either scalloped edges or crown molding, which forms a key part of the design aesthetic of French country kitchens. Moreover, the accents are more Parisian chubby chic, and less rural compared to English country décor.

But that’s more of what traditionally, French country kitchens are.

Today, contemporary accents have made way into the design, making French Country kitchens desirable in this modern age. And in this piece, we’ll explore ideas that you can incorporate into your French country European kitchen design. So, read on.

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