Going for red in your kitchen is a power move. No matter how or where you add it, it brings energy and excitement into the space. It adds a powerful contrast to almost any color in your paint palette, but here we go to the dark side by bringing you dramatic examples of red and black in a kitchen.

There’s really no pale or light red in the red spectrum – if it gets too pale, we call it by a different name altogether. There’s bright reds, like scarlets and tomatoes, and then there’s darker reds like crimsons and burgundies. All of them help add a bold accent to your kitchen.

You can add red accents in big splashes, like in the wall color, or cabinets, or you can add it in small doses, like in the hardware or kitchen decor.

Black is also typically used as an accent color, because it’s another bold choice in a kitchen, whether it’s used as a backdrop for the red accents, or as the accents itself, like in the appliances or decor.

Therefore the combination of red and black kitchen is a strong choice, usually in contemporary kitchens or masculine looking spaces. Adding large doses of bright light or splashes of white paint can help soften the combination and make a space more cheerful.

1. Fire Power


Fire engine red is the perfect choice for this retro black and white kitchen that’s also sleek and modern. The crisp edges of the black cabinets against the white subway tile backsplash, as well as the bold red appliances, add drama and glamor to the energetic space. The hardware in red and stainless steel glitter in the glossy kitchen, bringing all the elements together in an arresting combination.

2. Punchy Paprika

This is an orangey shade of red that works beautifully with the bold dramatic focal feature here, of the black oven range and hood with the stainless steel accents. The paprika adds the same energy and excitement as a bright red, while also bringing a modern color into the mix. The tiled backsplash in cream adds a simple, unexpected elegance to the space.

3. Wine and Dine

The deep shade of burgundy adds depth and warmth to this highly functional kitchen. The contrasting whites and silvers bring in shine and movement to the space, making the kitchen energetic and cheerful, despite the dark reds and blacks used here. It’s a great example of how darker colors can be used in small spaces.

4. High Gloss Galley


Even in a narrow galley kitchen red and black works beautifully, thanks to the high gloss content that makes light shine off of every surface. The garnet colored cabinets seem jewel-like in this space, and the tiny black tiles in the backsplash look like intricate bits of ebony. Gorgeous, but highly efficient too.

5. Colorful and Cheerful


The combination of red and black in this kitchen looks unexpectedly cheerful, because of the bold addition of bright green accent in the chairs. It’s a lot of red, in the cabinets as well as the appliances – the oven and the refrigerator are also paneled in glossy red, but the large space and the white background help make this a happy place.

6. Deep and Rustic


This red and black kitchen is definitely not a modern, contemporary space, but it works well in a rustic kitchen of this sort because of the shades of red and black used. A dark barn red color paired with charred black woodwork gives the space a comfortable vibe. The dark colors work well here because it’s a large open space.

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