Shaker style cabinets are a truly timeless design piece but can be greatly improved by a few kitchen design tips. The clean, simple design makes them a popular choice for many homes. However, just because shaker cabinets are traditional doesn’t mean you have to stick to an older design.

Shaker cabinets are versatile and can work with many new and different design styles. Let’s look at some unique kitchen design tips using shaker style cabinets.

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Think a shaker cabinet would look out of place in a modern kitchen? Think again. The sleek design of the cabinets fits right in with modern decor, and they can help ground the space from looking too futuristic. White shaker cabinets pair particularly well with the current trend of matte black appliances and hardware.

2. Experiment With Hardware

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Shaker cabinets have the ability to lend themselves to any design idea or trend, making them extremely versatile. The classic style can look at home in a traditional kitchen just as easily as a contemporary one. One trick to make your shaker cabinets fit is with the hardware! Brass knobs give a traditional look and feel, while cap pulls can make them look more at home in a farmhouse kitchen.

3. Opt For More Than One Color

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Two-tone kitchen cabinets are an easy way to elevate your kitchen’s style. Instead of a uniform look, like all white, you can add contrast and visual interest by pairing complementary colors. Try a darker color on the bottom, like navy blue, with white wall cabinets above. Shaker cabinets also look particularly good in their natural wood, which goes with any color.

4. Hide Appliances Away

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Feel like your appliances are cluttering up the kitchen? Try integrating them into your cabinetry! You can try built-ins to house things like microwaves or toasters behind your cabinet doors or add pull-out shelves. Keeping your appliances out of sight improves the visual flow of your kitchen and provides additional space for decor or food prep.

5. Show Off Your Stuff

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Glass cabinets were a big kitchen trend in the 90s, and just like high waisted jeans and ‘Friends,’ they’re making a comeback. Adding glass fronts to your shaker cabinets is a great way to capitalize on the trend. Keep your curated items on display to a minimum; this look is all about simplicity!

6. A Rustic Look

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Transitional kitchens are perfect for shaker cabinets since they toe the line between classic and modern. One way to make this work is by pairing shaker cabinets with rustic wall-mounted shelves. Shelves made of steel pipes and reclaimed wood add an industrial feel to the space.

Modern-style cabinets would look out of place in a kitchen like this, but the utilitarian shaker cabinets make it work. Bonus: exposed shelving is cheaper to install, and you can show off your wares for added visual interest.

7. Scandi Style

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Scandinavian style kitchens continue to be a popular design trend. These spaces often have clean lines, muted colors, and are highly functional. Shaker cabinets are right at home in this style as they are just as functional as they are fashionable. Paint the cabinets in a cool-toned grey or steel blue and pair them with gunmetal hardware and a clean, marble countertop for timeless Scandi style.

8. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

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In lieu of wall-mounted cabinets, some designers are opting for floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Typically seen in pantries, these cabinets make your kitchen look clean and modern while simultaneously adding extra storage! Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can also elongate your kitchen, drawing the eye towards high ceilings.

Often, these cabinets would have to be custom made to fit your kitchen exactly, which can be a pricier option. However, if you’re looking for bold style and extra storage space, the cost is definitely worth using these kitchen design tips.

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