There are a few differences between the cabinets you find at local retail stores and RTA cabinet stores. You would be shocked to learn that the biggest variation can either cost you thousands of dollars or save you thousands of dollars. What is this big money difference? It is whether the cabinets are preassembled, like the ones from local retail suppliers, or are shipped ready to assemble (RTA) directly from the manufacturer.

While you do have to put together ready to assemble cabinets purchased from the manufacturer, the substantial difference in pricing, alone, is well worth it. Did you know that for a basic 10 by 10 kitchen with a standard custom solid wood cabinet design, you could spend well over $10,000 from a retail supplier?

But, if you purchase the same solid wood RTA design directly from the manufacturer, the average amount you spend is only $2,500. Why is there so much of a price variance? Because there are no secondary handlers, distributors, assembly labor, or other added costs when you buy from a manufacturer’s RTA cabinet store.

With the extra money you save by buying your cabinets direct from the manufacturer, you can use the money to hire a professional contractor to assemble the cabinets and install them in your home. Most of the time, you still end up coming out ahead and spending about the same, for professional installation service, as your would have just for the cabinets alone from a local retailer.