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How to Create a Scandinavian Kitchen with European Cabinets

A Scandinavian kitchen is the embodiment of simplicity. The ‘less is more’ philosophy of Scandinavian design creates a minimalist and functional space that is bright, light and full of clean lines. European style cabinets...
luxury kitchen design

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas with European Style Cabinets

If money wasn’t an object, what kind of kitchen would you want? This is the question at the core of creating a luxury kitchen design, whether you actually have the budget for it or...

The Personalized and Carefully Curated Eclectic Style Kitchen

Homeowners that like a wide variety of styles or cannot decide between them might consider an eclectic style kitchen remodel.

Light and Airy: The Beach Style Kitchen

A beach-inspired kitchen can project a relaxed and refined style, even if it is not actually located at the beach. Some beach house homeowners prefer that their kitchens match the outdoor surroundings. However, beach...

Trendy and Sleek: The Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are in high demand by homeowners because they reflect the current trend. They are eco-friendly, technologically advanced, and have a clean style. Contemporary kitchens mix modern design with minimalism with flat-front cabinetry,...