Limited Lifetime Warranty
All products purchased from Bestonlinecabinets are subject to the following warranty disclaimers and limitations. Most products purchased from Bestonlinecabinets will have a limited lifetime warranty. Our main product is RTA kitchen cabinets and there are many parts to this product and the warranty for certain parts may differ. The limited lifetime warranty covers almost all of the hardware on the cabinets, such as hinges and tracking. The wood components have a 2-year warranty. These include mainly the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and paneling. This warranty covers the door and drawer fronts that may reveal some defects caused by faulty manufacturing, mainly if it shrinks, warps, expands, and or changes its’ shape in a natural way that causes the doors or drawers to not function properly. This also includes if a door or drawer looks abnormal to the human eye then it should be changed out and it is covered by this warranty. In certain situations when the damaged part is inexpensive or easily replaceable, Bestonlinecabinets will instead issue compensation of the fair value of the defective product instead of replacing it, this is at the discretion of Bestonlinecabinets. Please refer to Damages and Replacements Guideline.

Limits of Warranty

  • Warranty does not cover any damages or problems caused by improper installation in any way.
  • All warranty is limited strictly to the item or the part of the item is purchased only. Warranty does not include any other products used in conjunction with the cabinets; including but not limited to: countertops, all appliances, backsplashes, plumbing, fixtures, and all forms of labor and installation of all products (whether purchased from Bestonlinecabinets or not) are not covered by this warranty.
  • Warranty does not include damages caused by any other product or natural causes of any form. So you if you have a leak or a flood, it is not covered by this warranty. Also, all-natural causes such as earthquake, tornado, flood, etc that cause damages are all not covered by this warranty.
  • Any form of misuse, accident, alteration, or negligent use is not covered by this warranty.
  • Warranty will not cover any other products not purchased from Bestonlinecabinets.
  • Warranty will not cover the costs to remove or reinstall the damaged or any other parts. All labor is the responsibility of the customer.
  • This warranty is not transferable. The warranty is only valid to the original purchaser of the products under our warranty policy.
  • Natural wood characteristics are not considered defects. Variations in grain, color, knots, and black eyes and other natural wood patterns are not considered defects.
  • Most types of paint or stain will fade over time to some degree. In general, this isn't serious, but if you purchase additional cabinets 3 years after your original purchase, and they are the same cabinets, the color may differ slightly and most likely the original cabinets will be lighter than the newly purchased cabinets. Do not be scared, stains and paint on wood generally fade in a similar manner to car paint but even slower, we are just saying that in 10 years the cabinets will not be the exact same color as the original.
  • Cosmetic defects including but not limited to, scratches, dents, bad coloring, and all things that can be spotted will the eye easily are considered cosmetic. Cosmetic defects will only be under warranty if it is reported within 5 days of receiving the products. The reason is that most scratches and dents can be caused during or after installation and those are not covered by this warranty. We want to take responsibility for all manufacturer’s defects but we cannot cover scratched and dents that were caused by improper installation or use.
  • Placing the cabinets in an extreme environment voids this warranty. Wood products are not intended to be installed outside such a backyard or patio. Extended exposure to direct light and extreme temperatures will cause the color to fade. It will also cause most solid wood components such as doors and drawer fronts to warp and shrink.