White is the perfect color of small spaces, especially kitchens. Small spaces need light and bright colors to open up the room and make it feel less claustrophobic. There are a few of important things to keep in mind when designing in a small space. 

First, emphasize the strengths of the space. This may mean building the room around a window that will bring in natural light or going for extra tall cabinets to make the ceiling feel higher.

Second, store as much as possible on shelves and in cabinets. Counter clutter is the worst thing for a small kitchen with already limited counter space. It can be extremely tempting to over decorate the counter with accents and fun pops of color, but you will regret it. Get as much as possible off the counter, including the microwave and toaster.

Finally, keep is simple. Too much dark color or decoration will ultimately reverse the enlarging effect of the white. If you want to incorporate some contrast, keep it to one thing. It can be the counter, the accents, or the backsplash if you’re feeling really bold. But pick one thing and stick to it. 

With all of this in mind, we’ve picked out a few great small white kitchen designs to showcase great ways to utilize a snug space.

1. Light and Dark


Most white kitchens tend to use light woods and shades to compliment the main white color. However, the right amount of a dark contrast can make the white pop. But it’s important not to overdo it. In this kitchen, only the countertops are dark and it is the perfect amount to make the kitchen bold without shrinking the illusion of size given by the white cabinets and light floors. It would have been easy to do too much dark — you might be tempted to match the countertop with the knobs, handles, and hinges, or use a backsplash with dark colors. But that would be a mistake. The dark counter is sleek, but adding anymore deep color will be overdone and ultimately make a small kitchen even smaller.

2. U-Shaped



This small kitchen is maximized for storage and function. The U-shape allows for ample cabinet space on the bottom and counter space on the top. Dark and bold accents such as knobs and faucets are a great way to add dimension into the room, without going overboard. But the best part about this kitchen is the shelving on the back wall. Open storage can really make a room feel larger — just being able to see a wall has a huge impact on that claustrophobic feeling. Plus, you can add pops of color and modern storage options without cluttering the counter space.

3. Cozy and Clean


Kitchens don’t get much cozier than this. Even though there is just barely room for a stove and sink, the space is extremely functional. The all-white cabinets open up the room beautifully, and they make great use of the natural light coming in over the sink. Importantly, the counter space is not cluttered. When working with snug spaces, it’s best to get as much stuff as possible off the counter and onto shelves and into cabinets. A few tasteful storage containers add some life to the white backsplash without dominating the room and the pots and bowls add some color to the all-white scene. And lastly, the track lights have will spread light evenly across the room once the sun sets.

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