Home interior decorating doesn’t have to break the bank

You’re not opposed to doing it yourself, you simply don’t have the time. But your new home desperately needs to be decorated and you want to be involved. You don’t have endless resources to spend, either. All is not hopeless. There is an abundance of affordable ideas to be found online, covering everything from crafting to painting. Plus, there are many clever ways to save cash while having your home transformed. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Start by going to the bigger stores and ask about floor model sales. At some point each year, the collective items that have been on display have to get sold. You can usually count on the cost being heavily discounted. Naturally by that time they may have endured a bit of wear and tear, but that’s the idea – that’s why it’s all gonna go cheap. If you’ve had your eye on an attractive room set-up, see about purchasing the entire ensemble. You could experience one stop shopping at its greatest potential!

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If you want to be really clever, you may not even have to leave your home. Determine which of your friends have the greatest talent for decorating, and host a décor swap party. It’s an easy way to infuse your home with a fresh look via the things people bring. It’s fun – ask your comrades of creativity to bring a number of decorative items (lamps, trays, art, vases, etc…) and trade with one another. You never know what you’ll end up with.yard sale

Before making any heavy decorative investments, make some room by selling the larger things you no longer want. This way you’ll also be able to finance the new stuff coming in. It’s a win-win. It’s smart – clear clutter and cover new décor expenses.

Another fine method of creating a beautiful look without any hassle is to simply fill ‘er up with lush greenery. You can easily afford any number of plants and they add so much to the atmosphere of any room. There’s always times when you look at a space and you think “something’s missing”. If it isn’t plants, they certainly make great substitutes for filling the mysterious void. They improve air quality and are even believed to improve your mood as well!plant decor

Even with time constraint, you can do the bulk of your painting AKA the easy stuff. Knock out the majority of your walls and leave the rest to the suckers, I mean pros. Just hire someone else to do the work that really requires the hand of a professional. It’s the trim and the ceiling that most people find bothersome, but painting the majority of a wall? It’s kid’s stuff, really. You’ll come away with a few bucks, peace of mind and accomplishment!

hanging artYou probably already know that you are gonna find all sorts of treasures at thrift stores and flea markets. With a strict budget in mind, seek out the old classic furniture that is of super solid construction. Keep in mind that you are probably going to have to get items like chairs re-upholstered. Develop a clear understanding of what that will cost so you know what to haggle for when it comes to getting the pieces you want. You’ll end up with affordable goodies that look freshly customized!

Do you have appreciation for art? Better yet, do you think you have an eye for it? There’s no fun in having blank walls, use your intuition to pick out works of art that best complement any certain rooms style. You may even consider decorative calendars or specialty prints, vintage paintings or even the reliable standard found with movie posters. Art comes in many forms and it has never been easier to exploit it cheaply for the benefit of your imagination.

And now that we’ve reached this point of creativity, it’s time to decide upon a theme. Each room can reflect a different aspect of your artistic vision. Of course, you want a matching theme per room, one that brings certain colors together cohesively. But you can go wild visually, if you choose. Maybe you always wanted to reflect the color and whimsy of classic Disney films. You don’t have to utilize expensive Disney antiques, be clever and resourceful and use your limited funds as an opportunity to really get the most for your money!

For instance, wait for sales! Even the Disney store at the mall eventually marks things down. We all know most stores offer different discounts weekly, so exercise a little patience and wait until those items you have your eye on become more affordable. Heck, go online and see if you can find them cheaper anywhere else. And be prepared at all times. There could be a garage sale down the street, or a swap meet at the local school – anything can pop up. Stay on top of what’s happening, you never know what you’ll find.

Think of it all as a game. Managing your budget well and creating results in your home that make you proud are examples of you winning!disney

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