Many people (including you) have been asking how to clean their solid wood cabinet doors. It’s a good question, but then, there are things you should be aware off before you start thinking of how to clean your solid wood cabinet doors. For starters, environmental changes like temperature, moisture etc. affect wood over time and this accounts for wear and tear of any wood cabinetry. Nothing anybody can do about it.

Instead of asking “how to clean solid cabinet doors” your question should be rephrased to ask, “how to preserve solid wood cabinets doors”. The thing is, when you are thinking of only “cleaning”, you are neglecting some certain things you should be doing to preserve your cabinetry. Below are some tips on how to preserve your solid wood cabinet doors or any other wood cabinetry for that matter.

Clean Solid Wood Cabinet Doors

Humidity Control

Many people neglect this, please don’t. Try as much as possible to maintain a room relative humidity of between 25% and 55% for your solid wood cabinet doors. This is actually the recommendation from the wood working industry. Maybe you don’t know, but as the relative humidity in your room increases, the wood expands due to excessive moisture, while reverse is the case when the relative humidity goes down.

If you continue to allow your room relative humidity to exceed 55%, then the more your solid wood cabinet doors will expand and this leads to wood failure due to excessive moisture levels. And what happens when your wood fails? You start noticing wood joint expansion, cracks and splits with your solid wood cabinet doors. So, take care of that humidity.

Sunlight Control

Don’t expose your solid wood cabinets doors to excessive sunlight, that is, if you can help it. Wood mellows down bit by bit when exposed to sunlight and this hastens the wear and tear of your solid wood cabinet doors.

The Don’ts of Solid Wood Cabinet Cleaning

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners on your wood surfaces as they cause scratches.
  • Don’t rub the wood surface vigorously as it can mar the original effect.
  • Don’t use detergents and strong soaps that are made of dirt cutting agents on any wood finishes.

There you have it, some basic tips on how to preserve your solid wood cabinet doors. Don’t neglect any of them!

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