Adding a combination of different colors can brighten up your kitchen and give it a fresh, new, and beautiful appearance. One current home décor kitchen design trend is to use two different colors with solid wood cabinets, or to select one color for wall mounted cabinets and another for the island cabinets. For example, ready to assemble Shaker kitchen cabinets have an inset in the middle which is easily replaced by a different color. You could use a white Shaker insert in the middle of espresso Shaker doors to provide a light and dark color contrast, or use white for the wall cabinets and espresso the island cabinets. Since both colors go well with a variety of color pallets used in the kitchen, you are free to accent walls and countertops with just about any color you desire, including various shades of red or blue.

Another design trend to update your kitchen and give it a modern appearance is to replace the doors on all of your solid wood cabinets in a different color than your current cabinets. For instance, if the current kitchen cabinets are dark cherry, you could order new doors in a lighter stain, such as merlot. It is a good idea to order door samples and compare how various colors work with your existing cabinets, to select the right color combination for your kitchen. For further assistance in choosing the right color combinations for your kitchen, or to order free door samples, contact one of our professional kitchen design experts, today, by calling 855-929-8975.