Monday, January 27, 2020

Kitchen Trends 2020 Predictions

Can people stay ahead of the kitchen trends for 2020? You CAN be a trendsetter in your own home design and be ahead of the fashion curve in interior design.

Get the Farmhouse Kitchen Look

The farmhouse kitchen style has been a popular home design trend for a while now, thanks to design blogs and HGTV personalities like Joanna Gaines championing the look. But what is...

The easiest ways to make a hygge kitchen

What is a hygge kitchen? Imagine a scene where you are reading a book by a warm, open fire, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Next to you is a cup of hot...

Bad kitchen design on the internet

Sometimes we take good kitchen design for granted. It isn’t until we have either a displeasing or impractical aspect where we appreciate the qualities of a functional kitchen. A kitchen is one...

Transitional Kitchen Deconstruction

What is a transitional kitchen? All definitions of transitional interior design say it is the space between traditional and contemporary design mixing both worlds.  This sounds like a random hodgepodge but when...

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