Rustic design is an extremely popular trend, but the designs end up being a timeless addition to any home. The kitchen is the best place to start with a rustic design. There are a lot of items that are extremely functional in a modern world but can be antique such as a woodburning stove, a farmhouse sink, and pots, pans, and plates.

Starting an interior design plan can be difficult though. But the great thing about rustic design is it can start small and a lot of it can be do-it-yourself. Replacing a marble countertop with some polished wood, adding some antique dishware, or distressed white cabinets are all a great place to start.

The examples below should serve as an inspiration for your own rustic kitchen dream. Pick and choose your favorite aspects to incorporate into your home and get your rustic design off the ground

1. Big and Beautiful


This is an elegant and rustic kitchen that could make any house a home. The space is very large and the design utilizes every part of the room to perfection. The pilasters and cabinets along the counters and island give the kitchen a distinct antique style and the wood countertops define the rustic theme. There such attention to detail in this design — the wood of the island matches the floor and the double faucets are mirror images of one another. Lastly, the pendant lights add an aspect of glamour to the rustic room. This is a truly beautiful room!

2. Do It Yourself


If you’re looking to create a DIY rustic kitchen, this is a great model to emulate. The wood is worn and tattered but looks purposeful. The subway tile backsplash gives the illusions of exposed brick and helps set the scene for the rest of the rustic decor. These white cabinets can be fashioned from any available wood and white paint, and the island is easily constructed to match. With the espresso maker on the counter, I might be fooled into thinking this kitchen is centuries old.

3. Just a Touch of Modern


This kitchen has a few great features that make it stand out among rustic designers. The exposed brick on the right wall is absolutely gorgeous and the dark wood table looks handcrafted and read to feed several generations of a family. The wood from the table also matches that open shelving in the upper left corner of the room. Even the pots and pans around the room are brass and help rewind the clock on this room. The only thing that dates this room is the modern lighting fixture over the table.

4. Statement Piece


One of the best ways to design a room is by identifying a statement piece and building around it. For this kitchen, that would be the blue oven on the far wall. It a beautiful item and really defines the entire feel of the room. The wood of the kitchen island complements the pale blue perfectly and the white cabinets keep the room from looking too busy and allow the natural light to brighten the room much more than dark cabinets would.

5. Small and Authentic


This is a very narrow view of this kitchen, but it is safe to say that the kitchen is small and this is a great example of how to incorporate a rustic theme into a snug space. Creating open shelving and the light wood keep the room from feeling catastrophic. Plus, the open shelves are a way to showcase some rustic decor. You’ll notice the milk jug and glass pitcher. Lastly, the white appliances keep the room on theme. Stainless steel is certainly the go-to nowadays, but keeping everything white really ties the room together.

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