We’ve pulled together some of the best modern kitchen ideas for 2020. Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines and simple color palettes, or you’re trying to figure out how to incorporate modern elements into a different design style, we’ve got you covered.

Modern interior design tends to be lumped in with contemporary kitchen design. While the two are similar, and the words essentially mean the same thing, there are a few distinguishing factors to take note of. The modern interior design style has roots in the early 20th century. It is characterized by simple design features, clean lines, and the use of natural materials. Modernized kitchens also highlight the room’s natural lighting and emphasize the functionality of furniture with the intention of removing clutter. Color palettes tend to be monochromatic, and you’ll see several examples using predominantly white. Modern kitchen furniture is often simple but beautiful — designed first with function in mind and beauty second.

Knowing what the design style is can help you narrow down exactly what it is that you appreciate about the style. Modern designs of kitchens can incorporate a heavy use of stainless steel, or they can rely more on natural wood features. Many use a predominantly white color palette, but you may prefer bold swatches of color throughout. While you scroll through these kitchens, take note of which features stand out.

1. Modern Breakfast Nook

Not all modern kitchens are created equal. This one gets a leg up with it’s bright yellow breakfast nook seating. This white kitchen uses a variety of textures, including marble, tile, wood, and stainless steel. With a simple color scheme like this, you can use a multitude of materials without fear of clashing.

2. Everyone Loves an Open Bar

This kitchen has light wood floating shelves to display their solid collection of wine glass, as well as a high-topped kitchen island/bar. I’ll take a tall glass of merlot, please. White walls and light wood highlight the room’s natural lighting, while dark countertops and a black partition wall add a bit of moodiness. This color palette easily transitions from day to night.

3. Simple Grey

A simple, medium grey adorns the walls, cabinets, and kitchen island in this example. By using the same shade of grey on multiple furniture pieces, this designer is able to unify the whole room. Simple black barstools rest below the kitchen island, providing a bit of subtle contrast.

4. Deep Teal

Deep teal cabinets deviate from a traditionally more neutral modern kitchen color palette. This bold color choice emphasizes other modern elements in the room. Light wood floors and simple, open shelving give this kitchen a hint of humility. White walls highlight the natural lighting. Choosing a bold accent color for your cabinetry can help your modern inspired kitchen design stand out.

5. I Wish You Wood

Are you the type of person that cringes when someone paints over a perfectly good wood surface? We get it. Using large wood cabinetry in your modern kitchen design can emphasize your aesthetic preference for highlighting the beauty of natural materials.

6. Playing with Marble

We all know the ever-popular tile backsplash, but what if it were marble? This modern kitchen uses the same thick marble slab for countertops, contrasting greatly with the black base of the kitchen island. For even more contrast, this interior design throws in some tall wood upper cabinetry. There’s a lot going on here, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. This kitchen proves that simplicity does not have to equal minimalism.

7. Mixing and Matching

This kitchen is a masterclass of mixing and matching textures, design styles, and colors. A deep blue kitchen island stands as the focal point of this room. Cherry wood floors add another bold color to the room, but the red-tinted finish isn’t selected for the cabinets. Instead, dark wood cabinetry lines the back wall, which also features a reflective tile backsplash. People always say less is more, but what if more is more?

8. Keep it Simple

If “simple” and “elegant” are your priorities when it comes to design in kitchen spaces, this example is for you. This interior designer picked a wood stain finish and stuck with it across cabinetry, shelving, and the kitchen island. Marble countertops accent both the back counter and kitchen island. A decorative hanging light fixture is the most complicated design piece in this room.

9. Glossy White

Glossy white cabinets adorn the walls of this modern inspired kitchen. Simple pendant lights hang above the kitchen island, but the dominant light source for this gorgeous kitchen is a massive window. If you’re blessed with lots of natural lighting, a super simple color palette like this will highlight your light source.

10. Bold Patterns

While modern kitchens are often characterized by simplicity, sprinkling in a few bold patterns can be a nice touch. Here, white cabinetry and shelving frames an intricately-patterned tile backsplash. This designer also displays a collection of colorful items for a burst of energy in the room.

11. Clean Lines

The clean lines of this kitchen emphasize cool design choices such as white subway tile and industrial bar stools. Grey cabinetry provides ample storage space, and three statement piece pendant lights hang above a modular kitchen island. This kitchen clearly draws inspiration from the past while maintaining a contemporary edge. Don’t forget the details—choosing a light fixture like these industrial lamps adds a lot of impact.

12. Tiny Details with Big Impact

Modern kitchens use simple furniture pieces and colors, so tiny details can pack a bigger punch than more ornate design styles. An interesting pendant light or colorful barstool will stand out against more minimalist choices.

13. Wood Paneling, But Make it Fashion

Wood paneling isn’t just for the side of old vans anymore. No, this sleek wood-paneled kitchen island interior clearly proves that wood panelized can be modernized for chic kitchen designs. In this home, the open concept floor plan allows wood features to carry from one room to another. If your home layout is like this, you might want to think about how you can transition design elements into various rooms.
Which of these kitchen design ideas inspired you the most? Did you like the modern kitchens with white walls AND white cabinetry, or are you swayed by the kitchens using bold colors and patterns? Whatever your taste may be, we’d love to make your home renovation dreams a reality.

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