The grey palette is made for modern kitchen designs – the cool aloofness of grey can help create sleek, sophisticated spaces that look contemporary and current. As bland as grey might seem on its own, in a modern kitchen setting, it creates a background that can showcase stunning designs.

A few design elements that are typical of a modern kitchen could be flat cabinets without frames, sleek unfussy hardware, strong lines, and bold accents. Industrial details go well in a modern kitchen, and so do concrete surfaces.

Modern kitchens are meant to be efficient, functional, unfussy and minimal. And grey is a color that personifies all of those features in its own inimitable gray way. Streamlined kitchens that are simple and clean make a modern aesthetic. 

Polished glossy surfaces are at home in a modern grey kitchen, and so are high shine metallic finishes. If all of that doesn’t lift the drabness of grey, adding punchy colors can certainly add some drama. Gray acts as a great background for pops of color or accent pieces in saturated colors.

1. Cool but Warm


This wall to wall grey kitchen provides plenty of storage with recessed cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling on two walls, and more storage in the island. And all of the cabinets are sleek with no frames and no protruding pulls or knobs. All of that grey could close the space in, but it’s livened up by the warm wood flooring and wood grained island cabinets.

2. Gold Glitz


There’s nothing cold about this grey kitchen with gold accents. The small tiled backsplash captures attention in this white and grey space, but it’s the gold hardware that adds glamor and glitz that takes it up to another level.

3. Industrial Strength


This kitchen has so many strong accents that it cannot recede into the background as a grey kitchen. The shade of grey itself adds depth to the space, and the addition of industrial pendant lights and bar stools gives it character. Additional texture comes from the tiles in the backsplash and the mahogany countertop.

4. Horizontally Striped


There are many lines in this one space – the horizontal lines in the glass on the door, the lines of the open shelves, the narrow lines on the paneling, and the long lines in the flooring. And then there are the cantilevered lights that add more lines. However they’re all held together because of the shades of grays used here.

5. Bejeweled Accents


It’s not only the dark grey that adds drama to a space, so can a pale grey, when it’s used to its advantage. Here, the stunning accents take all the credit for amping up the glam factor. The filigreed bar stools, the candle like hanging lights and the silver art pieces come together to create drama.

6. Strong and Silent


Unapologetically monochromatic in its greyness, this kitchen still demands attention. There’s no distracting hardware or fixtures – just a set of muted gray cabinets, with some black accents in the bar stools and pepper shakers. Even the refrigerator is covered in the same muted gray paneling.

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