Light grey is a lovely, neutral color, if you can allow the words lovely and neutral in the same sentence. That’s because what the right shade of grey can do for you is provide a calming space, especially in the kitchen which usually has a lot going on in it, function-wise, and decor-wise.

Grey is a timeless classic color, but sometimes that could also translate to lifeless. You can easily counter the drabness by using a variety of accents, textures and finishes. That’s where your design flair can come in handy. 

Bring in accents to contrast with the grey, usually on a featured wall, or on the island or the fabric on your curtains. Use organic elements like woods and metals and tiles to bring in the texture. And consider the kind of finish you would use on your light fixtures and hardware to add sparkle to your kitchen.

If you love the soothing seduction of light grey, we have several examples of kitchens in various shades of grey, from the palest whisper of feather gray, to raw charms of concrete gray.

1. Color It Pretty


The shades of pink used in this grey kitchen only enhance the light grey by making it more approachable. The pop of pink brightens up the space while still retaining the soothing effect of the grey walls.

2. Add some Bling


This palest of pale grey kitchen still wows, thanks to the gorgeous additions of jewel-like lamp fixtures, glossy chrome finishes on the island and bar stools, and all the glass fronts that sparkle. Altogether a stunning effect.

3. Set The Tone


We start off with a straightforward pale grey on the cabinets, with sleek lines and simple hardware. There’s no jarring reds or blues to distract the eye. If anything, there’s even more light grey – on the walls, in the wash of the hardwood floor, and in the veins of the marble countertop, creating a soft welcoming effect overall.

4. Glam it Up


A basic gray kitchen that’s anything but boring. Even in the small space, the glam factor has been amped up considerably using bright finishes like chrome and steel, lots of greenery, and plenty of light. Using several shades of grey works well in this space.

5. Bring in Texture


This is a perfect example of taking a light grey kitchen and piling on textures to make interesting, appealing, but still losing none of its sophistication. There’s layers of added texture, in the pale gray bamboo wall, the almost white-gray backsplash tiles, the larger veined tiles in the flooring, and the darker floor length curtains. All added up makes it a study in light grey.

6. Make it Sparkle


Tone on tone on tone would make it monotonal right? But somehow this kitchen transcends the tone by adding sparkle. From the clear glass pendant lights, to the large expanses of glossy grey marble, to the stainless steel appliances, everything flows really well, except with an added sparkle and shine.

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