White and grey kitchen designs can be anything from modern to traditional and can fit into any home interior design. It is an easy color scheme to incorporate seamlessly into various parts of the kitchen, from the kitchen island to cabinets. And one of the advantages of a grey kitchen versus a black and white kitchen is that grey goes much better with natural wood and the white will serves as more of a complement to the grey than the black, which is a heavy contrast. An all-white kitchen may be timeless, but blending the white and grey will create a sophisticated and elegant look no matter what the style.

If you’re searching for inspiration you came to the right place! We’ve compiled a few different designs to showcase the different ways to incorporate grey into your home kitchen. Not only did we find both modern and antique kitchens, but we also found a variety of room sizes. A grey and white kitchen truly can work for anyone, and we hope you find some great ideas right here!

1. All Grey Everything


Grey is not usually a color found among traditional style kitchens, but this design proves that it can work. In this style, the subway tile backsplash looks more like exposed and painted brick when set against the traditional grey cabinets. The marble countertops complement the gray dominated room and are perfect to reflect the soft hue from the pendant lights, which is essential without a direct source of natural light.

2. Super Subtle


In a small space without a kitchen island, it can be risky to go for agrey room and kitchen cabinets. However, this room shows that it can still work. The key is not to go for a dark grey and instead favor a lighter shade that softens further in the natural light. And there is great reflectiveness in the white tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances (but notice the dishwasher is disguised with the same paneling as the cabinets. And like with any small kitchen, it’s best to keep as much as possible off the counter and stored away so you can utilize all of the counter space.

3. Tiled Wall


This kitchen is crisp, clean, and bright. With ample storage below the white counters, there was no need to top cabinets, which is a perfect way to open up a kitchen. The natural light plays wonderfully with the natural light coming through the right wall window, and the light creates an ombre effect on the light grey lower cabinets. Where a backsplash isn’t needed, it can be tempting to leave a wall bare, but this design shows the advantages of tiles the back wall either way. Lastly, the gold faucet is an unlikely pairing with a white and grey kitchen, but it is a great pop of color and adds some dimension to the room.

4. Mixed Cabinet Colors


This is a unique and fun kitchen with white cabinets but a marble counter and backsplash. Many modern kitchen designs are a bit rigid and simple, but this kitchen design is anything but. The pendant lights help draw the eye upward which emphasizes the high ceilings and large size of the room. We love this design because it is modern but not boring. You wouldn’t initially think the marble pattern would complement the muted shades, but with everything set against the white, it all comes together perfectly. And the grey drawers in the kitchen island add a nice contrast and help to bring out the grey in the marble counter. The room itself is quite minimal, but the kitchen design elements make the whole room pop

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