No need to move to the middle of nowhere to find awesome farmhouse bathroom ideas. Whether you’re a city dweller or a country charmer, a few simple updates can give your bathroom that rustic charm.

Farmhouse design inspiration is everywhere. If you’re on Pinterest, or Etsy, or Instagram, you’ll likely come across beautiful photos of farmhouse decor without even trying. You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of influencers drinking a cup of coffee in their perfect farmhouse kitchen, or getting ready in their perfect farmhouse bathroom. You may have even wondered if that aesthetic is an achievable one, or if it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

Good news: Farmhouse design is very accessible. Incorporating rustic textures, warm textiles, and wood furniture are just a few ways that you can add a farmhouse look to your bathroom. Take a look at these farmhouse inspired bathrooms, and keep track of which elements inspire you the most.

1. Wood Beams


If you’ve got lots to store in your bathroom, you might want to consider installing a full set of cabinets. Here, a tall and beautiful set of cabinets sit between two sinks. Glass paneling allows its contents to be on full display (but of course, you could choose to hide your wares). Dark wood floors contrast with old, weathered wood ceiling beams. Marrying some old and new elements is a great way to tip your hat to the past without getting stuck.

2. Cozy Farmhouse Bath


While farmhouse design often uses repurposed materials, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. It’s clear from the two traditional style sink/vanities in this bathroom that a farmhouse bathroom can include some more ornate elements. A soft, warm color palette unites this room, and the use of a long runner rug gives it a cozy vibe. There’s nothing better than a nice warm bath in a clawfoot tub after a long day of working on the farm (or staring at spreadsheets).

3. Farmhouse Sinks


Upcycling materials is a great way to achieve a high-quality farmhouse bathroom while being environmentally friendly. This sink looks to be crafted with wood palettes and stone. Old wood ceiling beams highlight the history of the home, while white shower tiles add a sense of modernity. And of course, no modern home is complete without an expensive Aesop hand soap.

4. Rustic Wood


Here, we have another example of using rustic materials to create beautiful bathroom furniture. Reclaimed wood cabinets in this farmhouse inspired bathroom look as if they were crafted with care in colonial times. Also, matching the wood stain or paint color on various elements will help you tie your bathroom design all together. This gorgeous dark wood set of cabinets pairs nicely with the dark brown framed mirror.

5. Light Wood


You may be noticing a pattern with bathroom cabinets and sinks. Farmhouse bathrooms often use vintage or antique looking furniture. Here, both the cabinets and the decorative ladder have a rustic look. But you don’t necessarily have to go flea market shopping to achieve this look. In fact, you can often find new furniture that looks worn, or paint furniture to create a weathered effect. Also notable in this farmhouse bathroom is the patterned bathroom tile. A simple geometric tile pattern contrasts nicely with the rest of the bathroom’s solid-colored elements.

6. Dual Sink Farmhouse Bathroom


Not all farmhouse designs look rustic. Here’s an example of a farmhouse bathroom that looks very elegant and modern, while still embracing the materials and color palettes associated with farmhouse design. This dual sink vanity is stocked with plenty of cabinet and drawer storage space. Overhead industrial lighting enhances the room’s natural brightness, as do the three wood-framed mirrors. And don’t forget about the details. Bathroom textiles can seem like an afterthought, but these neutral patterned towels are a deliberate and beautiful choice.

7. Grayscale Chic


A ladder to nowhere? Why not! Farmhouse designs often include decorative ladders to allude to rustic roots while also adding some more hanging space for bathroom textiles. This bathroom uses black cabinetry under the sink, which isn’t often used in a farmhouse design. However, this bold choice gives the room a bit of an edge when paired with softer elements.

8. Subway Tile Shower


Subway tile is truly all the rage in modern design. It’s made its way across a multitude of styles, from Scandinavian to modern to farmhouse. This bathroom incorporates a couple other bathroom tiles as well. Tiny square black tiles accent the shower floor, and larger gray square floor tiles line the rest of the bathroom. Using tiles of varying sizes and shades can give your farmhouse bathroom an exciting, fresh vibe.

9. Flowers Fresh from the Farm


With a bathroom this charming, why wouldn’t you buy it flowers? This modern farmhouse bathroom is a gorgeous example of using new materials to create an antique look. Look closely at the wood paneling on the walls and ceilings. A muted warm grey and medium wood stain might suggest some age, but up close, they look newly installed. You can add a bit of color to your farmhouse with the use of a floor rug, vintage or new.

10. Rustic Blue Bathroom Cabinets


We tend to associate warm neutrals with the farmhouse style, but using blue is a great choice. This set of bathroom cabinets and drawers is accented with lovely brass handles. The centerpiece of this room, however, is this round mirror seemingly decorated with stalks of wheat. Whether your taste is DIY or more traditional, incorporating some light colors and textures is a great way to liven up your farmhouse bathroom design.

11. Earth Tones


Leaning into a neutral, earth-tone palette can help you create a cozy farmhouse inspired bathroom. In this example, various shades of warm brown work together to provide an elegant yet approachable look. A large, round mirror over the sink helps draw in and bounce more light around the room. This is also a great example of prioritizing aesthetic value and storage space equally with the incorporation of large, brown cabinetry.

12. Open Storage


You can always bring the farm into your bathroom by decorating with farm animals. Did you spot the duck in the bottom left hand corner of this image? Other less literal farmhouse elements include a hanging lantern over the bathtub, workbenches repurposed as storage, and wood paneling. This gingham patterned rug also feels very picnic in the prairie.

Which of these farmhouse bathroom images inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to help you transform your bathroom into the cozy farmhouse nook of your dreams.

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