Midcentury furniture and decor items have made a huge comeback, so here are some awesome Midcentury bathroom ideas. These images will show you a variety of ways to incorporate Midcentury design elements with various size limitations, color palettes, and other design influences.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate Midcentury design elements into your bathroom, no matter the size. In fact, Midcentury furniture is often designed with size limitations in mind. So if you’ve got a small space, you can find lots of Midcentury cabinets and shelving that will help you create storage without taking up to much of the bathroom.

Midcentury furniture often comes in a variety of colors (and you can always paint it if it doesn’t fit your room design perfectly). Neutral palettes allow you to showcase the design of your chosen Midcentury furniture. Bolder, colorful palettes emphasize the flow and energy of the room. A combination of neutrals and bold colors can be a fun and unique choice.

Midcentury designs pair well with elements from other design styles as well. For instance, you could borrow from the Scandinavians by creating an all white bathroom with modular mid century sinks and bathroom cabinets.

You could infuse some Mediterranean flavor by using patterned Spanish tiles on your floors or shower walls. Modern industrial bathroom appliances could be an interesting contrast with the more retro feel of mid century design.

At the end of the day, you want your bathroom to reflect your tastes. Take note of which elements you like and which you’re not so big on. Leave a comment to let us know which of these Midcentury bathrooms inspired you the most. We’d love to help you create it.

1. Midcentury Design for a Small Bathroom


Lighten up your apartment or condo with a touch of gold. We can’t all have large sweeping bathrooms, but a little brightness in the right place can make your privy stand out in the smallest of spaces. Pair with dark wood cabinets, marble flooring and countertops to really sell the effect to your future guests.

2. Deep Teal


Looking for a darker palette to add a real “pop” in your design? Try a deep teal! This color can bring the whole room together. The dark wood cabinets blend beautifully, and the use of large potted plants and white accents can bring even the most anxious guests at ease. But, don’t go too far. Just coat the walls, and let the accents to the rest.

3. Mid Century Meets Scandinavian


Enjoy simplicity with this mid-century scandanavian bathroom set. No need for fixtures here! Each natural wood-grained cabinet is a reach and pull design, no knobs necessary. The natural grain works great with many color palettes whether you choose to use more earthy tones, or lean into the Scandinavian influence with an all-white backdrop. Don’t forget to decorate with some little green from your garden. You’ll be transferred straight to the Netherlands every time you step inside.

4. Blue Tile Wonderland


If you’re looking for a more artistic approach, try this van Gogh-inspired blue tile bathroom that will make you see a Starry Night in every corner. Decorative accents really bring this design to life and frame the blue tile marvelously. The gold fixtures sprouting from the white marble, the light wood grain with the golden handles, and the light marble flooring really makes this bathroom a work of art. Perhaps the most daring and rewarding is the contrasting blue wall design towards the back. Experimentation is key!

5. Contemporary meets Midcentury


Mid-century designs can work best with a splash of contemporary. Floating cabinetry is a staple of contemporary homes, but the cabinet’s style is very mid century. What we love here is the mix of the dark wood floor, mixed with the wood paneling of the vanity, and the faux wood bathtub. The brown colors work well with the lighter chosen accents in the carpet, which brings out the lighter cream wall. Perhaps we can’t all afford a beachfront window, but we can all afford to elevate our designs!

6. Hexagon Tiles


Hexagon tiling seems to be making a big splash in the design world. This beautiful greyscale tiling with brown border rings, makes the dark wood cabinets, mirror frames, and light fixtures warm us like a fire-lit hearth. Add gold faucets, knobs and handles, to bring the dark wood to life. This design works extremely well in smaller households, but can also exceed in larger condos and apartments.

7. Cool Hues


Colors aren’t just a wonderful way to control how a room feels, but to also control how your guests feel. Cooler hues tend to be more calming, whether it be a muted blue as seen above or a darker green. Try gray tiling, marble countertops, and steel faucets to make those cooler colors more dominant. Manipulate your environment and decide how you want to feel!

8. Bold Bathroom Floor Tiles


Bring your floor to life with eclectic designs, and bold choices. Choose something out of the ordinary and try to design around it, and go against the norm. This dark wood grained vanity might not go well in your typical mid century bathroom, but with something so striking as the floor, it fits like a glove. Let the flooring stand out. Feel free to match with the fixtures in the vanity, but let the floor bask in it’s boldness.

9. Floating Bathroom Vanity


Install a floating vanity to instill a sense of space and openness. A floating vanity can also frame the room better than your typical design, with a tight marble casing. When choosing a wood, contrast with an opposing marble pallet to make the casing stand out. No more worrying about stubbing a toe, or flooding.

10. Pink and Marble


Pink and marble go together like cookies and cream. Each color compliments the other, while standing out on it’s own. A good thing to remember with marble and pink, is that marble is your primary color while the pink is better at highlighting certain areas. Choose pink for certain areas of the vanity or part of the flooring. Marble is best for wall space, and shower tiling. Add bits of muted gold, or gray to smaller accessories and you’ve created one attractive room.

Which of these Mid Century bathroom designs inspired you the most? Whether you love a full-on retro feel or a more contemporary approach, there are plenty of ways to incorporate mid century design into your bathroom. We’d love to help get started on your next design project.

11. Twin Sinks


Two sinks might not seem like a luxury to most, but after spending a few years sharing a single sink with your significant other you might start to think differently. Wipe your worries away with these twin seaks, and matching side-opening wooden cabinets. As an extra bonus point, you even get your own separate mirror. No more fighting for mirror space before a night out!

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