Often times, creating an antique kitchen happens piecemeal by incorporating a few period pieces or adding some traditional decorations. The key to creating an antique room is in the detailing. A distressed wood cabinet or a wood-burning stove will date a room in very quickly. And by prioritizing the pieces over an entire makeover, you have a great reason to hit flea markets, auctions, and yard sales to find the perfect items for you. You can scour and haggle to find amazing additions to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

However, even by this method, it’s always best to have some inspiration. Whether you can’t quite identify the perfect color scheme or aren’t sure if that cabinet looks too modern, you can start your design journey right here! We’ve pulled together some amazing rooms to aspire to. A lot of these designs have some key features in common. First, the craftsmanship is outstanding across the board. The details in antique rooms are so important. Many of these rooms include pilasters and wood cravings throughout the kitchen. Second, the cabinetry is unique. The best part about period pieces is they don’t look manufactured. You might have to buy from a manufacturer, but try to make it your own. And last, they include minor decorations that add color and time. It can be as simple as a teapot, but it will go a long way with communicating you intention with the design.

So take a look at the designs we’ve described below. We are here to inspire, so use these designs to create your own unique kitchen.

1. Grey and White Antique


One of the identifying characteristics of antiquity is expert craftsmanship. This design displays the kind of woodsmanship that is prominent in traditional pieces through the islands (why have one when you could have two!), white cabinets, and even the fume hood surroundings. Now, dark grey isn’t typically a shade associated with antiquity and it does dominate the space a bit, but the top antique cabinets still stand out in contrast to the dark tones.

2. Curves Galore


The soft edges and curves in this kitchen are staples of period pieces and they are incorporated in the most creative ways via the island and the fume hood. And to add to the traditional feel, they are complemented with detailed pilasters and carving. Additionally, the color combination of white and light brown is very reminiscent of antiquity – much more so than dark grey or black. The light brown in the countertop and backsplash if further complemented by the dark brown accents in the faucet, decor, and the chandeliers (and what says antique more than faux candlelight).

3. Subway Tile Anyway


This kitchen is unique among antique kitchens due to subway tile backsplash which is a rather modern addition. However, there are other aspects of the kitchen that are perfect to give it that feel of antiquity. For example, the chandelier is a glamorous piece that replaces the more commonly used pendant lights and even mimics the look of actual candlelight. And the antique white kitchen cabinets are tall and beautifully crafted. Plus, the handles are great accents and match the island to emphasize the dark brown.

4. Victorian



If you ignore the massive stainless steel refrigerator, you might be transported into a Victorian home outfitted with the original cabinetry and supporting structure. Not only are the cabinets and island detailed with craving, but if the cabinets are at least 100 years old they certainly have me fooled. The wear and tear is not a fault so much as the defining aspect of the room. And the glass windows of the cabinets allow additional natural light to enter the space which is largely closed off.

5. All White Antique


Everything about this design screams antique. The indents and carving in the kitchen cabinets, island, and borders add dimension and give that traditional feel to the entire space. The attention to detail is extraordinary¬† — just look at the detailing in the pilasters on the island and near the ceilings. The type of kitchen is great for those with an open floor plan, but still gunning for that old-time feel.

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