Product Specifications

Are any of your cabinets made of particle board?

We do not associate nor use particle board in any of the cabinet style and lines that we carry.

Do you finish your cabinets on the inside as well as the outside?

It all depends on which style you order. Most of the cabinets we sell are finished on both the interior and exterior, except for the back because it is usually attached to the wall. If this is not the case for you and the back of the cabinet will be exposed, we carry finished skin panels and molding to cover the outside corner and edge. This situation commonly arises for kitchen islands. Some of our cabinet styles do not have a matching interior finish. They will most likely have a natural maple interior finish. 

To help lower the price and get extra accessories like crown molding or bottom light rail molding, some of our cabinets are finished only on the face (frame, doors, and drawers). You will need to order finished end panels for all exposed sides.

I will need solidly build cabinets with enough strength for a countertop to be placed on top. Will this be possible with the cabinets you offer?

We build very strong cabinets and whatever style you select will certainly be sturdy enough to hold your countertops and any over counter appliances you will have sitting on the counter.

Is it possible to make a cabinet for a double oven?

We offer double oven cabinets for every line we currently carry. With certain cabinet styles, the double oven cabinet is a combination of refrigerator panels, a base cabinet (sizes will vary), a wall cabinet (sizes will vary) and fillers to frame the wall oven. Other cabinet styles will have all the components needed to construct a double oven cabinet, except for the filler to frame the cabinet.

What is the standard height of your cabinets?

A standard kitchen base cabinet is 34.5” in height. Standard wall cabinets come in three different heights, 30”, 36” and 42”. For bridge wall cabinets, we usually have 12-24” heights available and they only come in 30” widths and 36” width. Certain exceptions exist because some lines do not offer all three cabinets heights. Some cabinet lines offer only one or two. Other lines have unusual heights for their wall cabinets, such as 27”, 33” and 39”. For complete details, see our product specifications for each separate style of cabinet.

Will I need to purchase toe kicks?

The majority of our base cabinets, as well as our bathroom vanities, do come with the needed toe kicks, however, it is best to purchase additional toe kick panels just to be sure you end up with a uniform look in the event you have two or more cabinets that join together.

Do you have assembly instructions for Maple Shaker wall cabinet and double oven cabinet? Thanks. I'm trying to assemble them today.

No answer

Do you have assembly instructions for Maple Shaker wall cabinet and double oven cabinet? Thanks. I'm trying to assemble them today.

No answer