About the Simpsons:

The Simpsons is an American Animated sitcom created by Matt Groening. It features a sarcastic cartoon depiction of the American life. It follows the Simpsons family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa. and Maggie. The show parodies many iconic figures and events of American history, culture, and society.


Simpsons kitchen
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The Simpsons kitchen has purple doors on brown body cabinets and purple countertops. The cabinet doors are inlaid in the body and does not cover the body as most cabinet doors do today. This technology was common amongst older style kitchens that had a frame covering the fronts of all the cabinets. Each cabinet door has a circular door knob located higher than traditional handles. Drawers each featured double knob handles for ease of opening.

For appliances, the Simpsons kitchen has a double sink, 4 burner slide-in range, dishwasher, and a single door green refrigerator. The vent for the stove is mounted right under the wall cabinets right of the sink. Many other countertop appliances are seen including a microwave coffee maker, toaster, and blender. A dish rack is present on the left of the sink above the dishwasher. Many cooking utensils like spatulas and oven mitts are found wall mounted.

Other designs present in the kitchen include the dining table with four chairs, a checkered tile flooring, a large window with carrot patterned blinds, and a single light hanging above the dining table. These traits fit an old style kitchen when the show debuted


Simpsons kitchen layout
Sample mockup render of the Simpsons kitchen

The Simpsons kitchen features a U-shape layout. For storage, the cabinets feature 3 banks of drawers, 2 double door cabinets in the base, and 7 wall cabinets above. The sides of the kitchen are short but line up to each other with the refrigerator lined up to a support wall right before the entryway into the kitchen.

The work triangle commonly found in all kitchens is present here. Despite the distance between the sink and stove being so close, the flow of the kitchen is present. A hint would be to move the dining table that interrupts the walking through between the three appliances.


Although the Simpsons kitchen is designed as a cartoon, the flow of the kitchen logically makes sense. The work triangle is present in the design to actually work and function as a kitchen found in homes today. However ,there are some flaws transforming this kitchen into reality.

The first is available workspace. Since the kitchen has so many utensils and appliances on the countertop, there is almost nowhere to do food preparation. A Functional kitchen works best when more space is available for the cook to use. With how much countertop space and storage is available, there shouldn’t be a problem with putting away some items and appliances that are not being used.

Second is the location of the stove. Everyone can see that the range hood is simply attached to the bottom of the wall cabinets. This means there is not a dedicated ventilation that goes out from the range hood and out the house. It simply cycles the smell and smoke out from just the stove. Typically a stove can be moved a few inches give or take from the location of the ventilation hole. The problem is that the countertop space between the range and the sink only allows enough room for a toaster. That is not enough for most food preparation. This space commonly would be a minimum 15 inches to put large bowls or plates.Moving the range and range hood to the right allows for enough storage and better use of cooking space.


Can the Simpsons kitchen be remade into a modern home today? Definitely. A hardcore fan of the show that wants to create this iconic cartoon kitchen in their home can do so. The old style aesthetic where a frame covers the fronts of the cabinet would be hard to create in the modern day. Custom cabinet makers can make that a possibility. Let’s go over some improvements to standardize this old kitchen.

The kitchen unfortunately has many dead corners. The base cabinets both have no access to the space where the cabinets turn. The wall corner cabinet left of the sink features a blink corner, but that’s the only one. Even the wall cabinet right of the sink does not have the handle on the correct side of the door.

Clearing out the clutter of appliances on the kitchen countertops is a much needed improvement here. Certain appliances like the blender and coffee maker can be stored when not in use. The dish rack is not needed if a dishwasher is available. Most homes will simply store the dishes after washing them in the dishwasher to clear up countertop space. Even the spices on the right hand side of the kitchen countertop can be stored away in a cabinet.

A potential flaw is the ventilation for the cooking range above the stove. Since it is simply attached to the bottom of the wall cabinets, the exhaust does not go anywhere, resulting in a very smoky kitchen. Converting the cabinets on top to house the range hood would be a better idea to vent out the smoke that would linger in the kitchen. One would say they would lose space for storage. This is easily remedied by having a cabinet on top of the fridge. Since the kitchen is symmetrical on both sides, there is nothing that houses the refrigerator, leaving the space on top open for storage or dust. Adding the cabinet makes cleaning on top less a chore and more storage.

Lastly, the lighting in the kitchen comes solely from one light above the dining table or from the window above the sink. During nighttime, the kitchen would be very dark and not well lit. The best solution is adding an additional light to make the room much brighter. These lights can still be symmetrical and have an even distance between each other.

Overall thoughts:

Just from the colors and art style, this kitchen can be described as iconic. Even to this day the Simpsons kitchen is well remembered. The show is the longest-running American animated series, longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American scripted primetime television series. Even viewers who have not seen the show will recognize the infamous kitchen.

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