What to look for in Used Homes

Buying a used home can be tricky. It may also have some perks not generally associated with new homes. For one thing, you could be looking at lower property taxes, especially when the home is located in an established town.

Of course, old homes certainly carry a degree of charm. Additionally, the process of buying a used residence is typically easier, too (purchasing new homes can often be an excessively long process). Despite these good points, potential concerns inherent to older used homes must be addressed.

old-houseOf priority is the structure of the home in question. Don’t hesitate to ask if there are any issues you should be aware of to consider. Depending on the severity, it could simply be too costly.

Have there been cracks or any problems with the foundation? Learn the exact type of foundation you’re dealing with and the materials from which it is constructed. When was the home built?

Be mindful of the fact that houses built in the 1960’s and prior did not use sealed concrete. Because of this many such homes have seen many cracks and leaks develop over the years. Such damaged foundations may be prone to a buildup of radon.

To be secure, and to ensure better-than-minimum support, the staircases may need to be modified.

mold-on-walls2Another chief concern is that of safety. Unfortunately, older homes may also play host to related dangers. To start, you must test for asbestos and lead, too-often found in insulation, paint, and sometimes even floor tiles.

Do a thorough check for mold. Look for moisture damage on the walls, especially in the basement. If you’re looking at a home that was built before safety codes were instated, be absolutely certain that every electrical circuit is safely grounded and installed.

Sometimes, you’ll need to replace the electrical box because overall electrical use has increased since the home was built.

formal-dining-roomModern architecture takes advantage of advances in science and math. For the most part it is considerably more efficient than what was implemented in older homes that may include outdated useless rooms (like a formal dining or sitting room).

Such features just aren’t practical or attractive to many modern home buyers. However, there are those that actually seek out the formality of classic designs and this fact may be an advantage.

repairing-plaster-wallsIn most cases older homes that are larger aren’t as energy efficient as their newer counterparts that were made to be cost effective. When entering into an agreement to buy a used home be certain to have plenty of capital on the side to invest in the structure. You’ll need to insure it, obviously, but you should also expect to want some renovations, often just to serve modern needs.

For instance, if the home has plaster walls, it’s going to be more expensive for repairs, because you’ll need to hire people that are specialists. Be prepared for the unexpected, and you will minimize unnecessary stress or disappointment.

Buying an old home can be a great investment. Usually, you’ll go into it knowing the amount of work that will need to be done, if any at all. But that’s part of the fun, you wouldn’t agree to it otherwise. You aren’t being used, but you do plan to use – and enjoy – your new pre-owned home to its greatest potential!

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