During the holiday season, it may take an additional few days before your order ships.

Ordering Knowledge

  • Shipping Terms and Payment Methods

    All shipment will ship UPS ground unless if they are small enough for parcel mail which will ship by USPS and you have the option for package mail to be shipping via UPS 2nd Day which is an extra charge. All other shipment that are too large for UPS ground will be shipped via Freight base on a reliable carrier and their availability to ship out to the shipment address. In these cases, once the shipping company arrives with the freight shipment, know that the delivery driver is only obligated to deliver the shipment to the shipping address and unload the shipment. Whether they further assist is up to the discretion of the delivery driver. Estimated shipping time will vary based on location. You can see the estimate delivery times here. The following is a list of what free shipping applies to:

    Free Shipping (US Continental)

    **Lift gate delivery + residential delivery are included in free shipping
    **Free shipping only applies to the contiguous United States. Therefore, free shipping is excluded from shipments going to Alaska, Hawaii and any other island not connected to the mainland with roads connecting to the shipping location via a bridge.
    *We advise having additional people to help unload as some of the larger cabinets may be too heavy for a single person.
    *A broker will need to be provided to us to handle shipments going to Canada. We have found that it is more cost effective for our Canadian customers to pick up their order at a freight terminal located on the other side of the border in the USA.

    We accept several payment methods to give homeowners more flexibility when placing their order. We accept all major credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Transactions go through our secure PayPal payment gateway (no PayPal account needed), so you can shop without worrying about your personal information being compromised. Can’t make the entire payment up front? We offer financing through PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit allows you to pay over time so you can receive and use your new kitchen first and pay at your own pace. One of the biggest advantages of paying by PayPal Credit is there is no interest and no payments if paid in full in 6 months on purchases exceeding $99. You can find more information about PayPal Credit here:https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit

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  • What Is Basic Kitchen Pricing

    Basic kitchen pricing is based on a total of 20 feet of wall space. This type of pricing is a common method used by kitchen cabinet retailers to help customers determine which cabinets cost less and which cost more. Below there are 10 cabinets and 3 accessories which we have used in the sample kitchen seen in the image below. These cabinets are the least expensive options for each finish as this is to be used as a starting point for you to gauge which finishes are less expensive and which are a bit more. We have priced out all of our finishes and listed the basic kitchen price below them so you are able to easily figure out which finish is more or less expensive than the other finishes. Shipping costs are not included in the basic kitchen pricing.

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  • Everything you need to reinvent your new kitchen

    Bestonlinecabinets gives you everything you need to reinvent your new kitchen

    Bestonlinecabinets has been doing kitchen business locally for years and now offers the same high quality product direct to your doorstep. We offer the best selection of high quality RTA cabinets with colors and door styles that you can work with.

    We offer our cabinets factory direct at wholesale pricing.  We encourage you to browse our website and compare pricing and door styles with other RTA cabinet websites. You will notice that we offer the best value for the product. If you have an installer or do this yourself, then it is just a matter of picking your cabinet line and measuring your space. We will take care of the rest. We will provide you the design as well as a list of cabinets and pieces to order. Welcome to the new age of technology and distribution. We can have your new kitchen arrive at your house within one to two weeks.  We provide information quickly to keep your project moving forward so that you can plan your life accordingly.

    Our pricing will bring relief as you plan your budget.  You can purchase your cabinets with shipping at lower pricing than even your nearest retailer.  We have eliminated the additional cost by shipping direct to you from our warehouse.  We provide all your required parts in each box so that assembly becomes an easy and efficient process.  We also will answer questions you may have before, during and after your project by phone, chat or email if you need them. What some consider an impossible task becomes something you can achieve with reasonable skill at surprising low cost and much quicker than expected.

    We keep our products in stock at our warehouse so that you don’t have to wait. We carry all the RTA cabinets you will need to accommodate all the required size and styles you might need.  So if you have been waiting for your new kitchen too long, check us out we can give you that fresh new kitchen you been waiting for in no time.  It’s time to reward you for all those years of hard work. This is the solution you have been searching for. If you are concerned about the quality we offer then read below to discover what we really give you.

    Product Quality

    You should know what to expect when you invest your hard earned money into any product.  Quality can be defined in many different ways. What we offer you is a selection of extrodinarly well made cabinets at an extraordinary value. Each cabinet consist of the doors, drawer fronts, face frames, cabinet boxes, shelves, hinges and slider hardware. We use all solid wood for the doors and drawer fronts with solid plywood cabinet and drawer boxes. Our drawer boxes use dovetail joints with soft-close sliders. We include adjustable shelves soft-close cabinet doors; roll out trays for easy access, lazy susan corners, glass doors, and European frameless box construction.

    As you assemble your new RTA cabinets you will discover cam lock and screwed corners with datoed connections and dovetail joints. You will find all the hardware you need included in each package. Since your cabinets are shipped before assembly, there is very little chance for damage. We encourage you to order a free sample door and see for yourself before you purchase. We offer you an excellent opportunity to remodel your kitchen without worry.  Our kitchens have been installed in hundreds of homes without problems.

    Quick and Efficient Design Service

    If you would like to use our professional design service to create your new kitchen or just confirm you’re your design will work it is just a mater of clicking on the design tab. Not only are you saving on the substantial discounted cabinets, we can save you valuable time and work by offering our free design service to guide you through a well designed kitchen to fit your needs.  All you have to do is measure your space and attach a simple floor plan to your info showing measurements. 

    We will usually have your layout ready to review within one day or less. We work with you to finalize any details and eliminate any potential problems. You will receive 3D images and a floor plan layout showing how your completed kitchen will look when it is complete. If you request we can give you a complete list of items to order so that you receive all the pieces you need to assemble your new RTA cabinets.

    Uses Solid Wood

    Many companies will carry cabinets that are made with inferior materials and construction. You may have seen and experienced cabinets made with MDF or Particle board. Although these cabinets may look OK to start, there longevity is determined by there use and the elements of the environment that can break down there integrity. That is why we decided that solid wood will keep you happy as you use your new cabinets through the many years to come. You can see for yourself that this product has strength, durability and resilience to maintain the beautiful kitchen you installed.


    Great Cabinet Styles to Choose From

    We offer you the most likely cabinet styles that will work you’re your new kitchen. Best of all they are RTA cabinets to maximize your cost savings and give you the best value. Our selections of kitchen cabinets are all in stock.  All of our cabinetry offers colors and styles that give you either traditional or more casual to coordinate with your home. The cabinet doors are beautifully crafted using only the best raw wood materials. These strong woods come in three series, Value, Premium and Luxury with a variety of styles and color stains. Browse our catalog and Get Started today!

    Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

    RTA-Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are what you would expect.  We package all your pieces in each box so that you need to simply put them together when you are ready. The advantage of RTA cabinets is of course the cost savings to you as well as keeping your cabinets looking good until they are ready to assemble. It can be very disappointing to receive damaged product.  If you are handy or experienced with these projects you will find the assembly process easy to follow and very rewarding when you have completed your new kitchen.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Customer satisfaction is a high priority at Bestonlinecabinets.  We are here to help you through every step of your remodeling process. Our staff will answer questions and communicate as necessary to provide you with the guidance and information to give you the confidence to complete your project as a professional. We also offer a product warranty that you can refer to prior to purchasing. Our success is based on your success and this is why we do our best to make you happy.

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  • Ordering Guidelines

    A complete order for cabinets will have different requirements depending on the layout you will be using. It is important that you include all the pieces for your layout to avoid unnecessary time delay and expense. Here is the do it your self ordering guideline. You can go through this guideline and DIY your own RTA kitchen cabinet order. Continue reading

  • How to measure your kitchen

    Cabinet Measuring Guide

    1. Make a rough drawing of the shape of the room. Represent each wall, door, and window.

    2. Measure from the floor to the ceiling.

    3. Measure each wall section and record on the drawing. (A wall section is from one corner to a door way or window.)

    4. Measure each door and window; Don’t forget to indicate in which direction each door swings.
    NOTE: windows and doors are measured from outside edge to outside edge of casing or trim.

    5. Mark the locations of where the appliances will go, be sure to record the dimensions of each appliance. Start by measuring the Width, Height, and Depth.

    6. Mark on your sketch exact locations of the sink, water and gas lines. Also, measure to the center of each and not the edge.

    7. Add up all dimensions on each wall and verify that the total is equal to the total wall dimension listed on the chart. (If not, re-measure!) Double check your work. These measurements must be correct for your new cabinetry to fit correctly.

    Kitchen Layout

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