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Kitchen Cabinets 101: RTA Cabinets vs. Pre-Assembled Cabinets

Ready to assemble or RTA cabinets and pre-assembled cabinets both have their positives and negatives, but when most people choose between them, they are led to believe that one type of cabinet is higher quality than the other, when the fact is that both types of cabinets are of equal quality.   RTA Cabinets When a homeowner receives ready t...

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Kitchen Cabinets 101: How to Care for Your Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

When your cabinets are brand new, they have a shiny and vitality that can wear away after years of use. Maintaining that like-new appearance is easy when you take care of those kitchen and bathroom cabinets. With the right care, your cabinets will look as beautiful on the day they were installed as they do even decades down the road. Moisture S...

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Kitchen Cabinets 101: Should You Choose Dark or Light Kitchen Cabinets?

It doesn't matter how many chairs you have in other rooms, for some reason the kitchen is where guests and family members gather. This means having a practical but great-looking kitchen is important. There are many considerations to make when redesigning your kitchen, and one of those tends to be whether you should top for dark or light kitchen cab...

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Kitchen Cabinets 101: Setting Up a Kitchen Work Triangle

In any kitchen, there are three fixtures that are used the most often. These are: the sink, the stovetop, and the refrigerator. Often referred to as the “kitchen work triangle,” having these three elements of a kitchen in the right places can make a kitchen much more efficient. You might feel, as you begin your kitchen remodeling projec...

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Kitchen Cabinets 101: Basic Introduction

Ready for Some New Kitchen Cabinets?     Although they may seem similarly constructed, kitchen cabinets are manufactured with a variety of materials. All of these products are built to allow consumers to store non-perishable foods and kitchen-related items, but there are a diverse number of designs utilized to construct them. When re...

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Kitchen Cabinets 101: Different Types of Wood and Their Purpose

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing kitchen and bathroom cabinets is if the cabinets are made from or contain particle board. Particle board is basically sawdust, wood chips, and wood residue pressed together and used to manufacture cabinets and furniture. These items have a short life span, can only be screwed into once, ruined by moisture...

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