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L-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen with two main sides, formed by two countertops against walls, connected at one corner. The L-shaped kitchen is the most standard type of kitchen in homes. The cabinetry...


Lacquer is a coating on wood that produces a shiny finish. This is also a protective coating that is durable and water-resistant. Historically, lacquered furniture was considered luxury items...


Laminate is a multi-layer material known for its durability and used in countertops and flooring. According to Formica, a creator of laminate materials, laminate is made with treating craft...

Lazy Susan

A rotating disc, usually circular, that revolves on a pivot to move the position of objects placed on it. This also describes a type of cabinet that uses this pivoting mechanism to...

LED mirror

A mirror that is backlit with an LED light to provide gentle, but bright illumination in the bathroom and on your face. LED mirrors are framed mirrors that have...