In the kitchen design world, grey is the new black. Grey is also the new white. Grey is a great neutral that works perfectly well with black, and a combination of black and grey turns up the sophistication factor another notch.

A lighter grey with black can help freshen up a space, while a darker grey with black can set the mood in a space. It all depends on how dark you dare to go. You could stick to black appliances in an all grey kitchen to give the space an edge, but still feeling neutral.

Or you could flip the contrast, and go with a dramatic black background with the greys bringing in the accented relief.

Fair warning though: a black and grey kitchen can feel somber and cave-like, if not designed well. Too much black in a small space can feel overwhelming without plenty of lighting or windows. So consider your particular kitchen and its setting when you think of this moody combination of colors.

You’ll definitely want to pay attention to the accents you use with a black and grey kitchen, whether it’s an accent color, or fabric, or finishes on the hardware. They make all the difference in making a black and grey kitchen shine.

1. Light and Bright


When you have light pouring into the kitchen from skylights and windows it can help make the space feel open and airy, even when grounded by solid black cabinets and island block. The walls and shelves are kept a soft grey, while the tiled backsplash makes the space look lively. The three large pendant lights are bold design elements, and also bring in the light at nighttime when the skylights go dark.

2. Silver Elegance


The prettiness of this kitchen might not be what you expect from a black and grey palette, but the silver grey cabinets take all the credit for that. The black island in the center acts as an exclamation point to all the silver around the perimeter. The silver accents in the drawer pulls and appliances enhance the space with their sparkle.

3. Kitchen Transitional


This transitional kitchen space looks comfortable and classy at the same time, while displaying an edgy side with the solid black island right in the center. The simple mid-grey cabinets lay the foundation for the space, while the tiny tiles on the backsplash and the marble countertops bring in the elegance.

4. All that Jazz


This is a large space and can accommodate three whole walls of dark grey cabinetry quite comfortably. The white and black act as accent colors, and liven up the space considerably. But what makes the space stunning are the two large pendant lights making reflections on the ceiling.

5. Slate Statement


The slate grey on all the cabinets make a strong statement in this open kitchen with plenty of light. And the black paneling on the back wall acts as a backsplash while showcasing the curated set of kitchenware. But this kitchen works even with all the moody greys and blacks because of the warm wood tones in the butcher block island and bar stools, and also the accent wall

6. Gilded Deluxe


This stunning kitchen uses sophisticated materials like marble island and backsplash and gold accents in the large pendant lamps and the cabinet pulls. The solid black wall and oven hood compliment the dark grey cabinets and together, they play up the golden glamor spectacularly.

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