RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online Store

For some people, there is a stigma around anything that is mail-ordered, pre-fabricated, or ready to assemble. Usually, this is a result of an experience with a low-quality product. As our name is BestOnlineCabinets.com, it should suggest that we are an online store that sells kitchen cabinets. Ready To Assemble, or RTA, cabinets are cabinets that ship in boxes still in pieces that you assemble yourself. All the cabinet pieces are made with the grooves cut and the holes drilled so that all you have to do is use the most basic tools to assemble the cabinets and install them into your kitchen. That might sound dangerously similar to the famous Swedish furniture that you see in college dorm rooms but let me assure you that those cabinets and our cabinets are on opposite sides of the quality spectrum. While there cabinets and furniture use a lot of particle board, ours use premium quality plywood and real hardwood for the doors and frames of the cabinets.

Many people don’t immediately think about buying items like kitchen cabinets at an online store. There are some purchases that people just assume will be better to make in person where you can physically see the product. However, buying kitchen cabinets online is very beneficial. Realizing and purchasing your dream kitchen will hinge on you finding the cabinets that will be the best fit for your taste and the look you want while still providing the functionality that you need. As an online cabinet store, Best Online Cabinets gives you so many options to choose from. If you feel like you want a particular type of cabinet but are not sure how it will look once it is actually in your kitchen, we will be happy to send you some sample doors that will give you a chance to try out your cabinet choice with an in-person tactile experience.

Our plethora of options for the various cabinets that you can get could seem daunting to some, but we pride ourselves on our clear and organized website. You will be able to find just what you are looking for and if you have any issues, we will be there to help you. Between our detailed online descriptions and our experienced staff who can assist you by email, phone, or live chat, we are confident that choosing to buy your kitchen cabinets from us will be a stress-free experience.