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Things to Prepare Before Your Kitchen Cabinets Arrive

Kitchen Remodeling Tips - Things to Prepare


Once you have ordered your RTA cabinets online, there are various things you can do in order to prepare for their delivery. By setting time to prepare your home for new cabinets, as well as the installation process, it will save you time when they arrive. The first thing you should do is determine where you are going to load and store your new RTA kitchen cabinets. They will need to be placed within a controlled environment and not stored in a garage unless it happens to be climate controlled. The extreme temperature changes from cold to hot may actually cause damage to the solid wood.

One recommendation would be to clear out your dining room and set this up as the storage and staging area. Most people will move the chairs and dining room table to the living room or another area of the home. You may want to place plastic or paint tarps on any flooring or carpeting. You may want to also cover up any furniture to protect it from any saw dust.

The next step would be to get the kitchen ready for your kitchen cabinets. You will need to empty out the current cabinets and store the items such as canned goods, dishes, and other items away safely. There are some people that use storage totes or moving boxes to store their items temporarily. Once all of the upper cabinets have been emptied, you may remove them from the walls.

Be sure to leave the lower cabinets and countertop installed, unless you plan on not using your kitchen for an extended period of time. If you plan to wallpaper or paint the walls in the kitchen, this side project can be done once you have removed the upper cabinets. Since your lower cabinets, as well as the countertops, are blocking most of the lower walls within your kitchen, there is no need to paint or wallpaper the entire wall. Hold off on installing any back splash and wall borders until you have installed the new cabinets.

On the delivery day, the truck driver will use a lift gate to lower your pallet onto the curb side. If your driveway is big enough for the truck to get into, you can request they lower the pallet into the driveway. The delivery company will not be responsible for bringing the boxes into your home. If you are unable to find anyone who can help bring them in, check with any local moving companies, as they are able to provide the help that you need to move your cabinets inside.

Allow your cabinets to sit within your home for at least 24 to 48 hours to become acclimated to your home environment before you begin to assemble them. It is during this time that you should review the assembly instructions to make sure that you have all the needed equipment and tools in order to properly put them together. Additionally, you can now remove the lower cabinets and countertops from the kitchen if you no longer need them, and complete any other preparation work such as installing new kitchen flooring before you begin to assemble your new RTA cabinets.

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