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Small Kitchen Remodeling Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

The idea of remodeling a kitchen can seem daunting, regardless of the size. You’re more likely to use the kitchen more often than any other room in the house, because you need it for eating, cooking, homework, projects and just generally spending time together. That’s why hiring a professional for all your home-based ideas is considered the best idea.

While you will have specifications on how you want your kitchen to want after the remodeling, you need to consider safety aspects. Small kitchen remodeling and renovation requires someone with electrical knowledge, and someone who can take all measurements carefully. Remodeling your kitchen will often take more time and prove to be more difficult than remodeling any other room, so you want a professional contractor at your helm.

You can’t just hire any professional, though. It’s important to ask a number of questions to determine that you have the best person for your job.


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The Correct Licensing

Kitchen remodels are intricate jobs, so you need to find a contractor who is bonded and fully licensed. Ask for proof of any licenses held, especially when it comes to any specialized services.

Communication Levels

It’s important to be able to speak openly about the work with your contractor throughout the process. You need to understand how someone works, their process to get the project done, what they need you to do, how long the project will take, the cost of the remodel and any materials used.

Knowledge and Experience

Ask about the experience the contractor has, and whether he has done this type of work in the past. You can ask to see photos to see if the project looks like one that you need right now. It’s also important to find out that they know all about the latest techniques on construction and remodeling.


Talk to others who have had work done on their kitchens. Word of mouth is a great way to find out about the reliability and experience of any contractor. Your friends and family members may not be able to help, so take a look at sites like Angie’s List. These sites are third-party review sites where individuals give reviews of their experiences. If you have found a good contractor, you will highly likely find a list of great reviews on these sites. You may even be able to get contact details to find out more from the individuals.

Schedule of the Contractor

Nobody wants an overworked contractor, or one that drops out at the last minute because they don’t have the time. You also want to make sure the work is done in time for anything you have on. It’s worth discussing the time that it will take to get the work completed, and find out if anything could drag that timeframe out. There may be unexpected issues, but you need someone who is willing to write down the expected time of completion and hours they will be in your home.

Get the Documentation

Make sure you get everything in writing. This is especially important about timeframes, materials, costing and any legal requirements. If anything does go wrong, you have the paperwork to back you up. It’s best to make sure all that paperwork is signed by you and the contractor, just in case.


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By hiring a contractor, you’re taking the best first step for your small kitchen remodeling. However, you can’t just jump in there and hire anyone. Ask the questions above and make sure everything you are told is put in writing.

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