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How Discount RTA Cabinets Improve Your Kitchen

If you are renovating your kitchen or are building a new house (or are in another other situation where you are looking for new cabinetry), you have essentially two choices. The first are pre-assembled cabinets. These arrive on your property, fully assembled, and ready to be installed in your kitchen. The second option is ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets come packed flat, ready to be quickly assembled, and then installed in your kitchen. While most people would choose the assembled cabinets, the truth is that discount RTA cabinets are often the better choice. Here are six ways discount RTA cabinets improve your kitchen:

  1. Easy to assemble – While it does take time and manpower to assemble the cabinets, the process is actually very easy. The panels of the cabinets come ready to be fit together, often with the holes for the screws already drilled. After the first one is assembled, any other cabinets are extremely fast and easy to put together. You do not have to have any carpentry skills to assemble your discount RTA cabinets—they fit together easily and are just as easy to install as cabinets that arrive already assembled.
  2. Speeds up your kitchen remodel or build – While ready to assemble kitchen cabinets will take longer to install once they are on your property, they will get their faster, in better shape, and for less money than assembled cabinets will. The main problem with assembled cabinets is that they are difficult and expensive to ship, in addition to simply being more expensive than RTA cabinets right off the bat. They get to your kitchen faster, allowing you to finish the project faster, and actually be able to use that kitchen.
  3. Styles that match your desired aesthetic – One of the biggest benefits of choosing discount RTA cabinets is the ability to get the look that you want, at a price that you can afford. Because these cabinets are less expensive than assembled cabinets, it’s possible to get the same styles, at a much lower price. Taking out the high cost of shipping assembled cabinetry and the time that it takes for the manufacturer to assemble those cabinets, leaves you with an affordable set of cabinets that only require a little bit of assembly before they are ready to be hung on your wall.
  4. Same quality for a lower price – Having high quality cabinets will not just make your kitchen more valuable, it will make your home more valuable. When buying normal cabinets, many people will sacrifice quality for price. With ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, you do not have to do that. You can get high quality cabinets, for a price that makes it possible for you to also get the oven and refrigerator that you want. If you are looking for a way to cut down the budget for your kitchen build or remodel, choosing discount RTA cabinets is always a good bet. You’ll get a product that does not skimp on quality, but is far less expensive.
  5. Durability – One of the biggest reasons to choose ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is their durability. The more durable your cabinets are, the better they will stand up to the normal wear and tear that all cabinets go through on a regular basis. Food splatter and cleaning products alike can damage your cabinets, as can moisture. Ready to assemble cabinets give you the ability to get cabinets that are durable and stylish, without having to break your bank to pay for that durability and style.
  6. Perfect fit for your kitchen – Instead of having to design your kitchen and its setup based on what cabinets you can find, you can get cabinets that fit your needs and the ideal design for your kitchen. If you are trying to achieve a specific design, there is nothing better than being able to order cabinets that match the desired layout of your kitchen. This is what discount RTA cabinets provide to you. You get all of the style and customization, but you never have to pay the higher prices.
Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Finding discount RTA cabinets for your kitchen isn’t difficult. We have a wide variety of styles and colors that are sure to match your kitchen and the look that you want to create. No matter what your desired aesthetic is, we have an affordable, beautiful design that you will love. For more information about ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, or to start looking for cabinets for your kitchen, take a look at our selection!