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Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the one that gets the most use from morning to night. Although it may be relatively easy to change the look of other rooms in the house just by rearranging the furniture, you can’t do that with the kitchen. To change the appearance of your kitchen it will require an expensive remodel. Most people consider the kitchen cabinets to be the most important decorative and functional part of any kitchen. When you have beautiful wood cabinets they set the tone for the rest of the home, establishing its decorative style and feel. Wood kitchen cabinets provide warmth, a traditional look with aesthetic appeal, superior quality and longevity.

Full Piece Solid Wood Door

Solid Wood Cabinets

Consumers often have the wrong impression about the construction process involved when they order solid wood kitchen cabinets. Most solid wood cabinets are made of solid wood, but not necessarily the kind of wood you would prefer. In many cases wood kitchen cabinets are made with an assortment of acceptable woods, which might be plywood on the sides with a denser plywood backing, all in an effort to lower the costs. While the overall quality of cabinets made this way might not be compromised, people should discuss these issues with the manufacturer before they order solid wood kitchen cabinets. It is important to know how your kitchen cabinets are made and the kinds of woods used, especially if you’re having your solid wood kitchen cabinets custom made.

High Quality Cabinets at Lower Cost

Higher per Cabinet Costs

As you might expect, solid wood kitchen cabinets are substantially more expensive than other alternatives. They can cost 20% to 30% more per cabinet depending on the species and quality of the wood selected. Cabinets made of more exotic types of wood can easily increase the cost by thousands of dollars when compared to more affordable cabinets, like the solid wood kitchen cabinets that RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) manufactures using the very same wood preselected by the customer. With the cost of labor continually on the rise in building solid wood kitchen cabinets, along with the costs to manufacture and increased overhead, RTA solid wood kitchen cabinets can be a very attractive solution that can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

Same High Quality at a Lower Cost

With the cost of building new homes and renovating and/or remodeling existing homes continually rising, RTA wood kitchen cabinets are drawing in thousands of new customers looking to save money without sacrificing quality. RTA wood kitchen cabinets come Ready-to-Assemble and will meet and exceed all preconceptions in terms of quality, and in fact are second to none when it comes to looks and quality of construction, which can only be described as superior.

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