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Fabulous Ideas for the Layout of Your Kitchen

In choosing your layout, keep in mind that it is best if you have one or more worktop areas free from upper cabinetry. You can do this by having the bulk of your storage cabinetry against one wall, or choose one part of a wall and place cabinetry top to bottom. You can work more effectively when your refrigerator is in the same area as your pantry, saucepans and crockery, all in cabinets at the right height for you to easily access.

Island Kitchen

If you want a kitchen where your guests can gather around an island in the center and visit while you’re preparing food, an island in the middle of the room would be perfect. It also creates a natural divide between the kitchen and the room adjoining. The one disadvantage is that it doesn’t usually give you as much prep space. Storage is limited as well so choose the type of island that has good storage beneath.


KItchen Layout Ideas - Island Kitchen


Oblong Kitchen

If you have an oblong kitchen with only one door, a u-shaped layout would work well. With this type of layout you would not want to have wall units placed on all three sides, as it would make the kitchen too confining. The stovetop and oven, sink and refrigerator should be on three different sides of the U to balance out your working triangle.


KItchen Layout Ideas - Oblong Kitchen


Long Narrow Kitchen

If your kitchen is long and narrow you can have facing units along the longest walls. For a busy cook who works well in close quarters and wants everything handy, a galley-style kitchen is perfect. The main thing is to leave plenty of room between facing units so that the cupboards open easily and you can comfortably move around. If you have enough room, leave some space at the end so you can have a small table and chairs.


KItchen Layout Ideas - Long Narrow Kitchen


L-shaped Kitchen

If you have a two-sided L-shaped kitchen you could have fitted units going around the corner of the two adjoining walls. This gives you enough room for a small table with chairs. To bring life to the room, use some cheerful wallpaper or some fun kitchen art.


KItchen Layout Ideas - L-shaped


You want to feel free to move around while preparing food and this works when you don’t have upper cabinetry closing in on you where you’re working. It also creates more openness in a kitchen, a light and airy feel. This arrangement also makes room for two or more people cooking together comfortably side by side, giving the kitchen a more welcoming feel, a place where people can relax and help you in preparing the meal.

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