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Kitchen Cabinets 101: Basic Introduction

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Kitchen Cabinets


Although they may seem similarly constructed, kitchen cabinets are manufactured with a variety of materials. All of these products are built to allow consumers to store non-perishable foods and kitchen-related items, but there are a diverse number of designs utilized to construct them. When remodeling or creating a kitchen from scratch, the cabinets might just comprise the majority of the costs. Homeowners can expect to pay between three hundred to ten thousand dollars for their kitchen cabinets, and sometimes even more. With this in mind, referring to the following guide can help you save up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary kitchen cabinet construction costs for your home or office.

General Designs

Most kitchen cabinets, except the custom-made variety, vary in size but are shaped in a box-like construction. The majority of cabinets you may come across will seemingly look similar in overall design. A simpler way of referring to the differing kitchen cabinet constructions is to organize them into the following groups:

  • Low-End Spectrum
  • Mid-Range Spectrum
  • High-End Spectrum
  • Custom-Made

Low-End Spectrum

Low-end kitchen cabinets normally cost around a few hundred dollars, and are designed with more affordable laminates or other thin materials. The latter option, of course, come in varying thickness and density choices, which subsequently affect the price; the thicker and denser the materials, the more you will pay. In order to achieve a wood-like appearance, wood veneers are often glued onto the substructures of low-end kitchen cabinets with high pressure. This allows for realistic aesthetics and a wide range of color and finish options provided by the manufacturer.

This affordable option are offered at competitive prices and can be replaced with ease, which is why it is sought after for low to middle income apartments or single-family home rentals. As with the finishes, the kitchen cabinet doors are often also designed with wood-veneers or similar materials rather than solid wood. Due to the variety in finishes available for low-end kitchen cabinets, however, most of them are pre-built with limited diversity in terms of selections.

Mid-Range Spectrum

Particle or Medium Density Fiber (MDF) boards are often used to make mid-range kitchen cabinets. These can also vary in density and thickness, and as with low-end options, these two factors will affect the costs. Most kitchen cabinet doors of the mid-range variety are constructed with solid wood, though this may also vary in construction and manufacturing qualities. For example, some doors may simply be constructed with industrial strength glue, while others may ensure extra strength and durability by having screwed-in joints. Mid-range kitchen cabinets are a bit more versatile than low-end cabinets in purchasing options, and are generally offered as either pre-built or Ready-to-Assemble (RTA).

High-End Spectrum

High-end kitchen cabinets have longer lifespans, which is achieved by constructing the sides and backings with both plywood and solid wood varieties. Among the more premium choices, RTA cabinets offer the most durability when comparing overall costs. These kitchen cabinets are designed with cam-locking mechanisms that allow manufacturers to construct their cabinets without any gluing or joint screwing. This unique innovation involves securing all components of the cabinet frame, producing a well-made cabinet in terms of both aesthetics and build quality.

RTA cabinets can be constructed within just ten minutes, an appeal that might make the popularity of this option rise exponentially in the future. Not only can they be built quite quickly, but they are also offered at reduced prices and specialized promotions. When comparing the qualities of many other high-end cabinets, RTA cabinets often surpass the alternatives in terms of value and appearance.

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Creating customized cabinets often involves using specific wood selections, either rare or exotic varieties, to build a particular set of dimensions. These can cost up to thousands of dollars, and are sought after by more affluent consumers who want highly unique and particular designs for their kitchens. Unlike RTA cabinets, the custom-made option might take several months to construct and install, and most likely requires a professional carpenter who is experienced in kitchen cabinets to complete the job.



By understanding the various types and selections you will come across when shopping for kitchen cabinets, you will be much more adept in choosing the option that best suits your personal preferences and budget.

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