After installing new oak kitchen cabinets, you need to preserve their appearance to maintain a beautiful looking kitchen. While you might be tempted to use common household cleaners on your solid wood cabinets, this is never recommended. Many store-bought cleaners contain chemicals which will strip the finish and stain off of the cabinets. Rather than risk damaging the cabinets, it is better to use products specifically designed for cleaning solid wood oak cabinets.

Where Can I Find Cleaning Products Safe for My Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

Each of your cabinets came with assembly and installation instructions. There is often a section within these manuals reviewing the proper cleaning products you should use. If you did not retain the manuals, or still have further questions, the best place to learn more about what products are safe for cleaning your oak kitchen cabinets is from your cabinet supplier or the manufacturer.

Is There a Recommended Cleaning Method?

Prior to using safe cleaning products, dust your cabinets with a dry dusting cloth. Remember to dust the tops of the cabinets, as well as along any spaces in between the tops and ceiling. Next, identify the type of dirt you need to remove from the cabinets and doors. There is no reason to use a grease remover if you only need to remove fingerprints. Pay careful attention to cabinets over your stove or cooktop, as grease not only accumulates on the outside of the cabinet, but also underneath.

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