Every home has a kitchen cabinet. However, recent statistics reveal up to 85% of the kitchen cabinets are worn out or have an old and dull appearance.

Kitchen cabinets will make the biggest different whenever you are updating your kitchen. Yes, you will always install a new backsplash, get a new faucet, buy new kitchen accessories, paint a wall, update the lighting or make a difference with a new rug. All these updates are fabulous and will always make your kitchen have a better look but not the best if you cannot give the cabinets a new life.

The wonderful lighting and most amazing sinks will never make those tired looking cabinets new again. Instead of spending lots of cash on replacing them, there are different ways you can always use to update your kitchen cabinets to give then a whole new look. Here are five ideas on how you can give your kitchen cabinets a new life.

1. Replace the Kitchen Cabinets

In case your kitchen cabinet is in bad shape or if you are reconfiguring the layout, you can always decide to replace your kitchen cabinets. This will allow you to select the material, color and door style while you are configuring the cabinetry and moving appliances.

The cost of kitchen cabinets depends on some factors especially when you order kitchen cabinets online. However, it will cost you more to replace the kitchen cabinets and take much longer than any cabinet updating option. You will also have to replace the existing stone countertops such as quartz and granite whenever you are replacing the kitchen cabinets.

2. Reface the Kitchen Cabinets

You will keep the existing kitchen cabinet boxes although you can always make small configuration tweaks and add more cabinets. In case the kitchen cabinets are in good shape, and the layout is ideal, you can just reface the cabinets. It will help you reduce waste since only the trim, and the doors are thrown away.

Just like with all the new cabinetry, you can decide to have a new door style, color, and material. The cabinet boxes are usually covered with matching veneer in the front, panels on the exposed kick boards and sides. When cabinet refacing is correctly done, it will look as if you have bought new cabinetry. However, the interior of the cabinets will remain the same.

3. Re-door the Kitchen Cabinets

In case you still like the color of your kitchen cabinetry but hate the current door shape, you can consider changing the cabinet doors. The drawer fronts and the doors are replaced with new ones matching the cabinet boxes colors. You can also have the cabinet boxes painted to match the new doors.

4. Refinish the Kitchen Cabinets

You can decide to refinish the stained kitchen cabinets to help them have a new look. The finish is the lacquer, stain color or vanish on top of the wood. Never attempt to strip the finish yourself. Refinishing will work best only if you want to change the stain color.

5. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

You can decide to repaint your old kitchen cabinets to give them a new look. The solid colors will help hide the wood whereas the stains will allow the grain to show. You can hire a professional to help in repainting the drawer fronts, doors, and cabinet boxes. However, the finished product will never be factory smooth although you will be able to receive great results if done correctly.

However, the process of repainting the kitchen cabinets is never as easy as it appears to look. You will have to clean the cabinets first to remove any grease or silicone from polishes and smooth out any dents and scratches.

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