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Wall Skin Panel

This exterior panel finishes the cabinet with a flush appearance, usually installed that the ends of wall cabinet rows. This also protects the inner layers that are susceptible to moisture from warping.


Walnut is a type of wood with a dark brownish-purple color, found in Europe and North America. Sometimes, walnut is described as a "cholocate" color of wood species. Woods...


To become bent out of shape as a result of pressure, but usually as a result of dampness. With wood materials, moisture can affect the shape and firmness, compromising...
Waterfall Countertop

Waterfall countertop

A countertop where the surface material goes past the edge and continues as a vertical surface. This continuous flow of material, whether stone or acrylic creates a "waterfall effect".

Wine Rack

A set of shelves specifically designed to hold wine bottles. These can be small shelves to hold rows of wine or cubbyholes for the bottles. Wine racks are incorporated...