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Wall Angle Cabinet

A mounted cabinet that hangs on the wall cut in shape so that the box fits a room corner. While this fits into the corner, this term is distinguished...

Wall Cabinet

Cabinets mounted above the counter and directly to the wall. Also known as "upper cabinets." There are two types of wall cabinets based on the structure of your kitchen....

Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet

This upper cabinet fits into a right-angle corner of a room where two walls meet. The door is diagonal, compared to the other cabinetry, in order to access the storage inside.

Wall End Cabinet

The end cabinet of a row of wall cabinets. These cabinets have an exposed exterior side that needs finishing. Since wall end cabinets have an extra exterior side, that...

Wall End Shelf

This is shelving put at the end of a row of wall cabinets, creating extra open storage. This is a potential option when you want more storage but you do not have...