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Maple Wood

This hardwood species is a popular wood for making furniture and ranges from white to reddish-brown. Maple wood comes from the Northeast US where maple wood trees are prevalent....


A rock material, most popular for its veining, used in sculptures and building materials. Marble is a form of limestone that is considered a luxury, natural material for surfaces...

Medium Density Fiberboard

This is a type of engineered wood created by taking fine wood fibers and bonding it with wax and resin and heated to form a hard surface. This material is used in...


Melamine is a plastic coating surface for engineered wood materials like MDF or plywood. The process to make melamine is similar to laminate, using paper and resin, but is a more economic...

Microwave Cabinet

A custom cabinet designed to house a built-in microwave oven. People choose microwave cabinets because the built-in appliance presents a cleaner look, and it's often done in tandem with...