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Decorative Door

These panels are meant to match the existing cabinet doors to fit a look and consistent pattern in cabinetry but are not usable doors. Also referred to as a "Fake Door."

Diagonal Corner Cabinet

A cabinet box that is designed to use the space in the corner of the room where the door of the cabinet is presented at a 45-degree angle, or diagonal to the...


A joint that forms strong corners in wood panels with interlocking teeth or pins. The shape of the teeth secures the junction without needing epoxy to reinforce the bond.

Drawer Base Cabinet

These cabinets are on the floor with a counter top and a pull-out compartment for storage. These cabinets can either consist of only drawers or a drawer and door combination.
Undermount Drawer Glides

Drawer slides

These rails are mounted on the sides or beneath the drawer box to reduce friction when opening or closing the compartment. Drawer slides not only come with different mountings:...