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Create a Modern Kitchen with Subtle Gray!

There are often three schools of thought when it comes to cabinet colors in the kitchen: black, white or wood. However, there is a new trend developing where grey is becoming the new favorite...
farmhouse kitchen

Freshen up a Farmhouse Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets

One of the more popular home design trends is a farmhouse kitchen. The relaxed, country feel gives the kitchen a homey, family-oriented feel that can make it the star of your home. With the...
European Style Cabinets

Styling Tips with European Style Cabinets for Simplistic Home Design

After you’ve finally finished your remodeling project and have outfitted your kitchen with new countertops, floors or European style cabinets, it’s time for the fun part: styling! Whether your style is more minimalist, traditional...

The Surprising Uses of Rubberwood

Hint: Kitchen cabinets are one of them! When you think of furniture, cabinets, and lumber, you probably think about wood.  If you are familiar with the furniture and cabinet industry then you probably think about...

Conservative Cabinets

The politics of saving money on kitchen storage After the bills are paid, few of us have enough cash left to indulge in some home improvement project. But if you simply cannot delay replacing your...