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The Best and Worst Open Bedroom and Bathrooms

One of the benefits of the open concept bedroom to include the bathroom is that it extends the bedroom. The end result is that your master suite looks more spacious and more luxurious. Yet while...

Best Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or business bathrooms, we hope you’ll find plenty to be inspired by with these industrial bathroom ideas. From steel appliances to copper bathtubs, there’s something for...

Best Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020

Look no further for the best bathroom design ideas in 2020. Right now, you’ve probably spent more time than you ever imagined possible in your home. You deserve something fresh and inspired in every...

Vanity Countertop Different Options

Countertop is an essential surface in your kitchens and bathroom vanity. Unlike table surfaces or other tops, counters are built to deal with moisture and messes, so these are easier to clean. We might...

The worst bathroom designs on the internet

While poorly designed rooms in a house are inconvenient, bad bathroom designs can make a home unlivable. Sometimes we get caught up in making our bathrooms look beautiful that we forget they are...