If you like to keep your home looking sophisticated and stylish, you might want to consider these traditional bathroom design ideas. Traditional design has tried and true elements that are classic and elegant. Even as your home ages, you’ll be able to trust that your taste is timeless. But maybe your bathroom isn’t quite there yet.

Some simple aesthetic changes can help pull together your bathroom’s traditional style look. Using a soft color palette will help it feel modern and inviting. You could choose soft blues and whites, or more earthy neutrals in muted tones.

Some dark bathroom furniture elements can be a nice, bold accent to these softer palettes. Traditional style bathroom cabinetry is a great way to incorporate beauty and function. Stained wood cabinets look sophisticated and classic, while painted cabinets have a more modern feel.

Take a look at what your bathroom already has that can help guide you in your design process. If your bathroom has lots of natural lighting, you can easily accent the room with darker colors without having to consider adding a lot of artificial lighting.

If you’ve got a wide space, you might consider adding dual sinks. And if you have the budget, you can supplement your design with  some gorgeous marble or beautiful tiles. 

Scroll through these traditional bathroom designs and let us know which have inspired you the most. We’d love to help you create the traditional bathroom of your dreams.

1. Traditional in Greyscale


Simple, elegant, and inviting; greyscale has been in season for some time and this room shows why. Beautiful marble on the countertop and shower walls blends beautifully with the black tiled floor. Molding on the ceiling, floor, windows and doorways presents an outline that frames the room. Metallic fixtures, and simple white or gray towels are easy pick ups, and they work perfect for this style while not detract from the original design.

2. Dual Sinks


Utilize the space wisely in your bathroom with two sets of sinks, whether it’s for him and her or overnight guests. Muted blue hues and offwhite fixtures can bring a bathroom to life, as well as simulating the atmosphere of the oceanside or a peaceful lagoon. Use natural scents in floral arrangements to avoid any unpleasantries. Dual lamps will help illuminate the room and avoid fighting for sunlight, while also letting you enjoy your beautiful new room.

3. Dark Wood Cabinetry


Want to bring attention to your bathroom? Try dark wood cabinets to contrast a more traditional design. Mahogany, walnut, and cocobolo woods can bring in a rustic pop to bathrooms that prefer white and off white tones and arrangements. Metallic fixtures like faucets, mirrors, and lamps can be complimentary accessories, keeping with the traditional theme of the room, while enhancing the rustic elements.

4. Gold Accents


Gold is a fantastic color if used sparingly. Add gold to highlight or accent your bathroom by adding it to mirrors, lights, or cabinets fixtures. Best used in lighter, or muted colors, gold can help draw attention to a charming portrait, flowers in a vase, or practically anything you want your guests to see.

5. Une Armoire dans la Salle de Bain


Here’s something that can make everyone’s life a little easier. Having a wardrobe in your bathroom might not be plausible for some households, but with those with the extra space, not only will it eliminate an extra step in the morning, it can eliminate negative space while bringing color and texture. Utilizing our dark wood cabinetry and accents we create a theme that draws the eye while not seeming busy, or overdone.

6. Seated Vanity


Vain is in the name for a reason. Why should we strain to indulge ourselves, when we can indulge ourselves in comfort? This seated vanity is perfect for those who spend long hours in front of the mirror whether it be for makeup, or detailed grooming The seat itself can be easily pushed under the vanity itself when not in use to save space for a long luxurious bath. Stick to a complimentary palette when designing for a more distinguished look.

7. Copper Bath


Tired of the same boring baths in your home design? Try a copper bath as a design starting point. The alluring glow of copper and other earth tones, whether it be in wall tiles or marble countertops, can bring a room together with contrasting cabinets and flooring. Choose a cream base for counters, and perhaps a light marbled floor, and you have a bathroom that’s sure to draw a few eyes.

8. Grecian Bath


Bring a splash of the mediterannian to your bathroom with clean marble floor tiles and turquoise hues. This beautiful bathtub and cabinet set have matching surface impressions, with stainless steel faucets, knobs, and handhelds. Add accents in complementary colors, and floral arrangements, and your guests will have the lasting feeling of a day at the beach.

9. Ornate Mirrors


If you would like to make your guests feel like royalty, ornate mirrors and patterned tiles might be for you. Take a step back in time, and decorate like kings would, by adding even more elegance to your bathroom by adding stainless steel accents, and pointed bulbs. If the extra mile is for you, we won’t hold you back from adding the candelabras and chandelier you see here!

10. Traditional with an Eclectic Twist


Some say eclectic, I say exciting. If you want to stick out, try something out of the ordinary. These beautiful black and white marbled floor tiles, dark wood mirrored cabinets, and print ottoman might not be for some, but together in a room with low light with an industrial twist will have your guests talking. A standing basin is a great choice for a room like this, and you can make sure that vintage ottoman stays dry.

11. Pops of Pink


Finding the right accents for any room can be crucial for any home designer, but sometimes smaller is bigger. Brighten your bathroom with a small splash of pink or red, whether it be flowers next to your vanity or a carpet beside your bath. A little bit of color can go a long way, especially in a room that has selected colors from a lighter palette. Start small, and see for yourself!

12. Warm Cream Palette


Warm cream palette’s are a perfect place to start if you have an aversion to the typical off-white nature of more traditional bathroom designs. Mixed with the right marble, lighting fixtures, and wooden decor, warm cream can provide a striking, yet inviting environment with little help. Try gold accents instead of stainless steel, and provide plenty of natural light.

13. Traditional meets Modern


If the traditional design isn’t quite what you’re looking for, mesh your bathroom with something more modern. Keep the designs you like with the dark wood cabinets, the tiled marble flooring, and the off white standing basin, and elevate your space with ornate chandeliers, and a skylight to produce more natural lighting. Traditional bathrooms are one of the easiest styles to experiment with, and the perfect style to find the true you.

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