When you search “contemporary bathroom ideas,” you’ll stumble upon a pretty wide variety of inspiration images. You’ll see monochromatic bathrooms with hidden cabinet storage. You’ll see lots of LED backlit mirrors and other fancy bathroom tech. You’ll also probably see some contemporary bathrooms that look like they were pulled straight from the set of a futuristic sci-fi movie.

Honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, we can help you wrap your head around the elements of contemporary design with some interesting examples so that you can figure out how you’d like to create your own contemporary bathroom.

First of all — let’s examine contemporary design as a whole. Though the words “modern” and “contemporary” are interchangeable in most contexts, they mean different things when it comes to design. Modern design refers to a particular movement in design that started decades ago, and it has some notable elements.

Contemporary design refers to the term in a more literal sense. Contemporary design refers to what is currently popular. Contemporary interior designers are at the forefront of their field, staying abreast of new trends and technology.

So what is contemporary in 2020? You’ll start to see patterns as you scroll through the images below. In many contemporary bathrooms, you’ll see LED backlighting for bathroom mirrors. You’ll also see “floating” elements, like sinks or toilets, that are mounted to a wall instead of being attached to a base. Contemporary bathroom designers are very aware of how textures will look when illuminated by natural or artificial lighting.

As you scroll through these images, take note of these elements and consider which you’d like to incorporate into your home.

1. Contemporary Pink


The term “millennial pink” popped up a few years to describe a trendy shade of light pink. This shade of pink transcends the frilly, delicate designs of the past. When used in combination with other contemporary shades and materials, pink can look sleek and androgynous. Whether or not you’re sold on pink, this design is a great example of using a two tone color palette in contemporary bathrooms.

2. Bold Red


Here’s another example of a two tone color contemporary color palette, with a much different impact. If you’re designing a contemporary bathroom for a restaurant, using bold colors like red can instill a sense of energy in your clientele. The same concept can be applied to your home’s contemporary bathroom if you need a little boost from your bathroom in the morning.

3. Elevated Bath


For those of us who have spent some time in cramped city condos, a large bathtub or shower can feel like the height of luxury. This bathtub is quite literally at the height of luxury, sitting on a raised platform. Stone and wood textures contrast beautifully in this contemporary bathroom example, but there’s not a lot else going on here. This proves you can do a lot with a little.

4. Contemporary Rainforest Bathroom


If you love both organic and industrial features, this contemporary bathroom might be a great source of inspiration from you. Filling your bathroom with tropical topiaries will bring some color to a room that may otherwise feel dull and neutral. Here, we have an example of those oh-so-contemporary hidden cabinets. This bathroom uses large, reflective black surfaces to hide cabinetry. This illusion allows you to make room for all the odds and ends that don’t match with your chic contemporary aesthetic tastes.

Which of these contemporary bathroom designs inspired you the most? Do you love the hidden cabinets, or are you a bigger fan of the floating sink look? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to help you get started creating the contemporary bathroom your heart desires.

5. Concrete Contemporary


Concrete walls can be contemporary and luxurious with the right accents. This bathroom uses some creeping vines hanging in the back left to add an organic element to this otherwise quite contemporary and industrial bathroom. A thin pane of glass barely separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, letting everything flow together. When designing your own contemporary bathroom, it’s important to understand how the various elements will flow together, or contrast with purpose.

6. Simple and Sophisticated


Marble and stone textured tiles are a classic bathroom material. This bathroom puts a contemporary spin on these classic materials. This contemporary bathroom is also a great example of using a small space wisely. The bathtub slides under a floating sink shelf. Space in between those elements leaves a bit of room for towel storage. It’s all about fitting things together in clever ways.

7. Blue Geometry


This contemporary bathroom proudly features a decorative paneled wall with a door that blends in perfectly. You’ll see a lot of that in contemporary designs. Often, contemporary bathroom designs will cleverly tuck away cabinets or doors by building a facade that looks like a wall. This soft blue, beige, and white color palette is also notable here.

8. Backlighting


You may have noticed that several of these contemporary bathrooms use LED lighting below or behind fixtures. This bathroom uses an LED backlit mirror to create a halo effect. White walls contrast nicely with a dark wood cabinet underneath the sink basin.

9. Sauna Vibes


Bring your favorite spa back home with some simple textural choices, like warm wood wall paneling reminiscent of a sauna. This contemporary bathroom opts to use a deep, circular bathtub. Unique choices like this will set your contemporary bathroom design apart from the crowd.

10. Black and Blue


We’ve seen LED backlighting used in several of these contemporary bathrooms. This one breaks the mold by choosing a blue hue. Adding a bold pop of color doesn’t always have to come in the form of paint. And wouldn’t we all be so lucky to have such sweeping city views?

11. Monochromatic


Concrete doesn’t always scream “luxury,” but when constructed with care, even the simplest and most industrial textures can feel rich. This bathroom uses stone and concrete to create a unified look. Simple twin sinks sit below large bathroom mirrors, which help bounce light around the room.

12. Natural Stone Tub


You may notice some similarities between this image and the last. That’s because the bathtubs are made by the same company. These unique contemporary bathtubs are a standout feature that will wow your guests. This example also shows a clever trend in contemporary designs. In the shower, a carved out space on the wall allows for some toiletry storage. Form and function is key.

13. Marbled


This contemporary bathroom design definitely borrows from traditional bathrooms. Light wood cabinets have the slightest bit of ornamentation, and these marble walls definitely feel like they could be plucked from the interior of a suburban mansion. Contemporary elements launch this bathroom into the present. Lighting underneath the bathroom cabinets feels distinctly current and contemporary. It’s a basic fix, but it changes the whole vibe of the room.

14. Twin Sinks


Two sinks might not seem like a luxury to most, but after spending a few years sharing a single sink with your significant other you might start to think differently. Wipe your worries away with these twin seaks, and matching side-opening wooden cabinets. As an extra bonus point, you even get your own separate mirror. No more fighting for mirror space before a night out!

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